Hang On To The Iron Rod

If you have a inside sorrow, a burden or a loss, An aching need of healing… Hang On To The Iron Rod If worry makes you louse sleep and makes you toss and turn. If you heart is feeling oh so heavy… Hang On To The Iron Rod Every obstacle … Continue reading


Well she is recovering and so far so good, Storm went in for surgery to get Spayed on Thursday May 3rd 2018 … it has been a long time in coming as her last cycle she wasn’t able to get pregnant thus her breeder said it was time to get … Continue reading

Work and Life

There has been a lot happening around here when it comes to the change in season, my family and other areas that have made the past 6 months of life interesting and stressful to various degrees. I am still dealing with 24/7 pain that never lets up it has become … Continue reading

Working With Storm

Well Storm is coming along in her training there are of course still areas that she hasn’t gotten into yet and other areas that she is struggling with doing consistently (which is in part my own fault since I’ve been a little to inconsistent with what I was expecting of … Continue reading

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