Dog Walking

Well doing something that I’ve not really dun since high shool. Which is walking dogs to earn an income, it is something that I had looked at doing again after I completed University and then Collage but a lot had changed since I had dun it and the laws and … Continue reading

Making progress

Well been working on a few things since we got back from being in the states, including his down stay, stay in general, picking up objects, and starting to work on a few other things that are not really fully necessary but in general helpful at times, such as push … Continue reading

Family Party

Well today was the semi big gathering of the clan so to speak, Norman’s mom had invivted over his sisters and other family members to come and see us as a sort of mini family gathering since it had been 3 years since he last saw them and in some … Continue reading

Church and Cooking

Well we went to the ward that Norman’s mom and step dad attend, it was much different then our own ward. Their ward had no issues with Payton being there what so ever, we didn’t have to sit appart like we do at our ward, which was great.

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