Feeling good over all

Well been working on various things around the house plus on my compeer going though my files on my computer to clear things out as necessary to do so – still got a LOT to work on that i really should be been working on for the pas month but … Continue reading

Missing Yet Again

Well it has been so long since Norman and I got to go to church, we keep meaning to do so and we keep failing to attend. We use to have great attendance and I enjoyed attending, but I must admit that since I was put on the various drugs … Continue reading

Productive Day all in All

Despite forgetting if I’ve taken the Cymbulta or not today has been a VERY productive day in general – got a LOT dun for a couple of things for Church that I kept thinking I’d dun but turned out I’d started and then forgotten I’d been working on it, so … Continue reading

General Women’s Session 2017

Well that was a interesting session that is for sure, going to have to watch it a few more times but one of the things I was thinking about and trying to get my head around I think might have been answered – I think because i’m still torn about … Continue reading

Dog Walking and more

Well been walking a few dogs for the past week so got a little extra money to help with the various bills we have, also have a site that I’m starting to work for for a client that I’ll be running for the most part – so at the moment … Continue reading

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