Life happenings

Well I know I keep changing the header of my page, and I still plan on doing so but I’m starting to think I need to keep it semi constant instead of the monthly or seasonally changing it type deal … not 100% sure atm what I’m going to do … Continue reading

Minecraft ideas

As many people know Norman and I are into Minecraft and that we play it on the Xbox almost every night as possible to do so, well of late we’ve been getting into trying different ideas for Building of a Castle, something that is proving to be an interesting challenge … Continue reading

Old TV Shows

Well it has been interesting looking though google and remembering the old shows that I watched as a child and early teen, some shows are just a small blurb and not much is posted about the show other’s there are entire fan bases built over the show which I find … Continue reading

Been a While

Well it has been a while since Norman and I have been to church, this past sunday was no different. Slept though the alarm and woke up feeling funny only to check and find that ya I was low. I keep trying to make it so we can get to … Continue reading

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