Hang On To The Iron Rod

If you have a inside sorrow, a burden or a loss, An aching need of healing… Hang On To The Iron Rod If worry makes you louse sleep and makes you toss and turn. If you heart is feeling oh so heavy… Hang On To The Iron Rod Every obstacle … Continue reading

A Nurse’s Prayer

A Nurse’s Prayer tune – Eller – 325 Because the day that stretches out for me Is full of busy hours, I come to Thee, To ask Thee, Lord, that Thou wilt see me through The many things that I may have to do Help me to sense when pain … Continue reading

Live for Today

“LIVE FOR TODAY” by: Nita Wheeler Have you ever wished, when a day went wrong a wish that’s quite in vain that it were only possible to live that day again You’d start out in the morning with the prayers you should have said and through the days your actions … Continue reading

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