Emergency Car Kit Ideas

Well I’ve had a few people ask over the past month after saying that we where going to be going camping, what did I keep in the car for emergencies, such as if we broke down or there was a storm or disaster or what have you. So after going though a few things, the following is what I came up with – now not all is kept in the car 24/7 some of it gets rooted in and out depending on the season around here, but for the most part what is listed is kept in the car at all times in one form or another.

Another thing about emergencies is that you really should know your Emergency Radio Station or Stations that you can tune into during a emergency situation or in general to get weather updates and other happenings around you. If you are traveling outside of your home area, then having a paper list of the radio stations for the area you are going to be traveling too and though can come in handy in an emergency situation.

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