General Woman’s Session of the LDS (General Conference)

Well not for everyone to listen to or watch, but if you are LDS or even interested in the LDS then their General Conferences are apparently something to be watched or attended – with that in mind both N and I chose to listen and semi watch (easer to listen then watch when the feed kept cutting in and out on us) the cast of this years Woman’s Session that was dun today at 6pm mountain time. The general conference itself will be taking place next weekend (6 days from today) on April 4th and 5th 2015.

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Review: The Freelance Handbook

Well the site Creative Blog is offering a free download of the Computer Arts published PDF called “The Freelance Handbook” the site totes it as being an eBook which to me sounded like an ePub option, but when the file link came in the mail turned out that its just your standard PDF the the eBook style of deal that I was thinking it would be. The deliver of the email wasn’t fast either, i signed up to get the email for the book and about 8 hours later I got the email with the link to download the file – not great turn around time, but if its not an automated system then it would make sense that it would take a bit for a human to get around to things (so if you do sign up to get it, remember it might not be as instant to get to read – though you could get lucky). Side Note all info in the PDF is UK based so might or might not apply in part or full outside of the UK.

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A New Face

LDSWell seeing as its Wednesday that meant that the Missionaries where back again today, and seem’s the one who we started with has moved on to another location (been reassigned – his calling changed) so we have this new fellow also from the states and tall standing 6’5″ so ya he’s up there in height, though to look at him nothing says strength or anything sadly first impression of him is unsure and you can tell that being tall isn’t something he’s comfortable with because of how he was holding himself and how he stood (like he grew faster that he hasn’t developed confidence in his frame – could also be the whole just starting your mission issues going on, but not all of it is that).

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“I Want You Bach” – @pianoguys #ThePianoGuys

Jackson 5 and Bach were funky way before Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk! – “I Want You Bach” – ThePianoGuys

Well as I’d posted before there are various artists that I like and The Piano Guys are one of many that I’ve come to enjoy since discovering them on YouTube a year or so ago (don’t even remember when I first learned of them on YouTube anymore), their productions and music are enjoyable to listen to not to mention watch, so hope other’s who see this also enjoy this particular production of theirs.

Another Service

LDSWell seems like everything time we’ve attend church so far that its never been the same twice – each time we attend its different, alright some is the same but for the most part it doesn’t follow a standard deal that I’ve yet to see a pattern to. This time round, we missed the one on the 15th because of being a Furnal Equinox but that was already expected that we’d be unable to attend. At any rate, this time when we arrived we learned that it was part of a Stake Conferance or something to that effect, don’t understand it or anything that was going on.

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Japanese Food – Japan Documentary from Food & Drink

This is a series that N and I stumbled upon while looking though YouTube for a cooking show that would catch our attention, well not a cooking show actually it did fill the need that to a degree that we where looking for, that of learning more about Japanese Food that we both enjoy eating and trying to make versions of when possible to do so.

I hope that other’s who follow this blog and enjoy various foods might also enjoy this series, take care and post more in short order.

Japanese Food – Japan Documentary Episode 1: Hokkaido

Scooter – Suck my Megamix

Might be over an hour long and to degrees annoying but its got some of the songs that are rather well known by him that it makes for decent listening material when you are other wise doing something on the computer – can’t say its worth watching because I’ve not watched it for the most part.

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