Payton and Church

Well Norman and Payton attended church today, and for the most part it went rather well for the two of them – a couple minor issues that need to be dealt with but for the most part nothing that was a true problem.

What was the issues? Norman was asked to pass the sacrament so he couldn’t have Payton with him in doing so so left him with me – at first he was unsettled trying to follow Norman, then he settled down until he heard Norman moving around then he was under the bench cocking his head trying to see Norman, when Norman came back he was excited to see him so broke from his down stay (thus this is something that needs to be worked on – as he should’t have broken his down stay like that).

The rest of sacrament went well Payton fell asleep under the bench and most people where unaware of him even being there until he got out from unadorned the bench – most of the people totally ignored him while there which was great to see big time for the little ones.

After sacrament there was only a minor issue, but it was in part an alert and a need to go potty so both understandable (though need to increase his breaks between since he will need to be able to hold it for at least 3 hours during flight – and since church lasts 3 hours or just over to me its the prefect opportunity to get him into the habit of holding it – so to speak).

Over all I am pleased with his preformance while in church as is Norman.

ICE Information Card

Well having seen a few postings on FB about ICE and what other people with Service Dogs carry (most have a phone app it would seem) I though it might be a decent idea of make up a card that Norman could carry that is business card size with the basic info on it that includeds Paytons info, so this is what I came up with!

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SD – AODA Card concept

I know that there is no Law that says a SD team has to have ID cards or certification in Ontario, thus I came up with a card that Norman could hand out to business and people as needed should be be questioned about his SD being in a place of business that has a no pets policy.

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