Interesting Day

Well went to church like we have been doing for a while now, missed half of sacrament, which does happen but where able to attend Second Hour and then we split to our perspective gender orientation groups (shakes head) N to Elder/Presthood and me to Relief Society (the only female option I have because of my age) and there was a baptism taking place that N and I where both invited to attend (in general everyone was invited, but the missionaries who come here asked if we’d come before it had been announced).

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General Priesthood Session – #LDSConf

Alright so I’m not male, but N is so we did listen to this when it was originally broadcast. Not sure my feelings on the male side of it but it was interesting to listen to it in general, though a tad boring to do so at the same time.

Going to have to listen to it again in the future (which is why i’m posting it in general) so its here on my blog for my own reference but also for anyone else who might be interested in watching it for what ever reason.

Saturday Morning Session – #LDSConf

Here is the First part of the LDS General Conference that they posted to their YouTube Channel for all to watch who couldn’t watch it when it was live or for those who wish to watch it over again for what ever reason (or who are new and discovering the faith and wish to see what has happened at previous conferences over the years).

#LDS General Conference

LDS_easterWell I hope everyone is having a good Easter or pleasant weekend if you don’t celebrate it.

Actually slept in for the first Sunday in many weeks (can’t remember the last Sunday that we actually slept past 8am actually this year) that it felt strange not setting the alarm to get up early but at the same time felt good to just be able to sleep in (save that didn’t really happen still got up at 10:30 do to body pain making it to hard to stay sleeping and felt anything but rested). Well got up and did what needed doing before getting the laptop out and tuning into the Next part of the LDS General Conference that is taking place today which is a continuation of yesterdays start, and a continuation of the Women’s Conference that was held back on March 28th.

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April 4th 2015 #LDS General Conference – Saturday Sessions

April 2015 General Conference – Saturday Sessions (All 10+ hours apparently)

Well if you’ve never watched or attended the LDS General Conference its interesting to watch from various perspectives that is for sure, as someone who is learning about the church it was to degrees eye opening and to other degrees down right boring (ya falling asleep and trying to stay awake could become a issue for some I am sure) and in other areas an out right tick off. But such as life and such as this religion that is part of the american and world fabric.

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