“There are many ways to measure success; not the least of which is the way your child describes you when talking to a friend.”
– anonymous

Question of the Day

Right now, at this moment, what do you want most?

Hard question as there are a few things that come to mind…

1) my dad to be cured of his cancer and for him to not have Alzheimer’s anymore. I know one is impossible and the other is extremely unlikely to happen.

2) I’d love to not live in daily pain, I’d love to have a proper treatment that either treated the pain adequately or could remove the pain due to effective treatment options for the root cause (without causing other issues in the process).

Question of the Day

Which activities make you lose track of time?

Various things can have that effect on me, working at my computer, being out with the pups just tossing the ball around and letting them have their own time to just be dogs. Watching videos on TikTok is another one that I can totally louse time on if I am not careful (which is why I have to have their feature to limit my time on it.

In short, there are many things that can have my lousing track of time, it doesn’t take much to do so at times if it is something that I am enjoying doing or something that I know I need to get dun within a limited time period (though for some of that it be the opposite of time loss but feeling like it is stretching along!).

Quote by George Eliot


If we had a keen vision and feeling of all that is ordinary in human life, it would be like hearing the grass grow and the squirrel’s heart beat, and we should die of that roar which lies on the other side of silence.
– George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans), 1819 – 1880

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