Busy Day Today

Well long day today thus far, working on various projects that needed to be started and others that needed to be finished up and a few that are of course in progress.

I’ve also been doing stuff around the house and trying to stay cool, though much easer to do today then it has been for the past few days as we’ve been under a heat warning so haven’t been feeling like doing very much at all, I have but when trying to stay cool is a problem then ya it means you don’t wish to go a lot of things that require more movement then necessary or going outside more then needed.

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More Pokemon Go

Pokemon GoWell it has been interesting the past few days since we downloaded the app and have been playing it. One thing I am actually annoyed with is the number of people who appear to be playing it while DRIVING! That actually freaks me out to degrees, distracted driving is already a issue but this game is causing more of it it would seem. We’ve been going to our storage unit to get things moved out of it, so we can sell a lot of the stuff we’ve accumulated that we no longer need or use.

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