Saying Goodbye to a Missionary

Well yesterday Norman and I attending a going away “party” for a few of the missionaries that are in our ward, one was actually on his way home having finished his 2 years of Missionary Work, Norman and I wish him well. Other’s who where there yesterday where either staying in ward just switching areas or where transferring to other cities within Ontario (Oshawa being one of them, again one of those who was coming to see us, is heading out there to serve).

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19 You and Me – by @PeterHollens n @HomeFreeGuys

Dan + Shay – 19 You + Me (Home Free featuring Peter Hollens cover)

I don’t mind saying this but I actually had tears in my eyes watching this music video, which is most uncommon when it comes to most music videos that I tend to watch, well dun for making me emotional – great story line with the song it goes very well that is for sure!

The Beaches 27th International Jazz Festival

Well another year of the Jazz Festival and another year of the Street Fest. Norman and I chose to attend once again this year, though we didn’t attend much of the general happenings that was taking place over the three weeks that the event took place, we just chose to attend the street fest, mostly to see what music was being played and to get a few treats if possible.

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Story of My Life – a @HomeFreeGuys a cappella cover (One Direction)

As many who know me or have been following me will have noticed, this is a new group that I have discovered and am enjoying listening to their songs and watching their videos – might be one who enjoys country in general but since they do more then that in their form of music they have their appeal to me (though yes there is that country aspect to everything they do – can’t be helped since its how the group is). Still very much worth watching and listening to!

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