Quote – Mary Robinson

QuotesnSayingsIconA culture is not an abstract thing. It is a living, evolving process. The aim is to push beyond standard-setting and asserting human rights to make those standards a living reality for people everywhere.
– Mary Robinson (1944-____)

Quote – Lalla

QuotesnSayingsIconLet them throw their curses. If inside, I am connected to what’s true, my soul stays quiet and clear. Do you think Shiva worries what people say! If a few ashes fall on a mirror, use them to polish it.
– Lalla

#DSMA – Acceptance from April 4, 2012

DSMA LOGOQ1. What are the things about living with diabetes that you accept? what are the things that you have trouble accepting? I accept that its a condition that I’ll have for life and that if not kept in check can lead to complications, however what I have issues accepting is that the government and big pharma are able to play hard and fast that being able to afford to stay alive becomes a real issue when you have to choose between buying your insulin or food on the table or even a roof over your head.

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Long week and a Good Sunday

Well it has been a LONG week or so its felt took N to a couple job interviews with luck something will be positive for him though doesn’t stop us from going to another tomorrow (monday).

Been working on various projects for people, plus around the house. Still lots to get dun from when my mom passed. Its hard to believe that its almost been a year that she’s not been here, makes me sad that she’s not here in person (though I know her spirit is with us still).

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Busy Weekend

Well this weekend has been filled with various home and personal projects that needed to be dun, such as, Laundry, Genealogy, Cleaning the Kitchen, etc.

Laundry for the entire house (sheets n clothing) might do it every weekend but the larger loads that go with doing the beds sheets and the like are only dun once a month on average unless illness then they are dun as soon as the cold/illness has run its course (or middle of it if necessary).

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