Sunday Afternoon Session – LDS General Conference – #LDSconf

Well it was an interesting conference that is for sure, I know I wasn’t able to watch all of it for various reason but what I was able to watch was interesting – going to be rewatching it as I did the last one just to catch what I missed (ya some of the talking was boring and thus really didn’t pay as much attention to it as one might have dun so – but thats how it is with us. I know N didn’t pay attention to all of it for his own reasons, but as everyone within the LDS knows some times life isn’t as you think it should be thus you have to go though things a few times before you catch all that you feel that you missed for what ever reason.

Saturday October 3rd 2015 Morning Session – #LDSConf

Well didn’t get to watch all of the first conference since it was also my birthday and we’d made plans before I even knew conference was to take place. But N and I did manage to catch some of it before heading out for my special day.

Thus one reason I’m posting this here is so that I can watch it at a later date as well as share it with those who might wish to be able to see it themselves for what ever reason.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well I hope everyone had a great day, tray was my Birthday. Today I’m 38 years old, sighs don’t feel that old at all but as the saying goes another year older.

Nyxks Birthday - 2015

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