Productive Day all in All

Despite forgetting if I’ve taken the Cymbulta or not today has been a VERY productive day in general – got a LOT dun for a couple of things for Church that I kept thinking I’d dun but turned out I’d started and then forgotten I’d been working on it, so … Continue reading

General Women’s Session 2017

Well that was a interesting session that is for sure, going to have to watch it a few more times but one of the things I was thinking about and trying to get my head around I think might have been answered – I think because i’m still torn about … Continue reading

Dog Walking and more

Well been walking a few dogs for the past week so got a little extra money to help with the various bills we have, also have a site that I’m starting to work for for a client that I’ll be running for the most part – so at the moment … Continue reading

Working and other stuff

Well looks like I might be getting the option of working on another web site for a person, to help promote their business or something to that effect, should prove interesting from what I have been told about it thus far – still waiting for more information on it which … Continue reading

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