No Church :(

Well that tickle that started Friday is more then a tickle apparently my immune system is not up to keeping me from getting ill as I was hoping it would be so, because of that we chose to stay home today and let my body rest and try and let … Continue reading

Saw Dad

Well saw dad and he was looking more yellow then before. but he doesn’t understand why he is yellow looking but he doesn’t say that he was in any form of pain either – so I can take that as a positive that as of this point in time he … Continue reading

Dads Health

Last Friday Norman and I went to see dad like normal, he was in his room with the door closed so at first we thought he wasn’t in his room – so went to put out stuff in his room and then go find him. But he was in his … Continue reading

End of a Chapter

Well today ended a chapter in my life, that I never thought was going to happen. Alright I knew it was, but until February of 2019 it had not fully crossed my mind that, one day I would be selling the family home. A home that had been in the … Continue reading

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