House Cleaning = oi

Well having to do some extra cleaning in the house for Tuesday when there is suppose to be ppl coming over to clean the carpets that haven’t been cleaned in close to 20 years (kept putting it off and when mom got ill she didn’t like strangers in the house … Continue reading

40 years! Really?

Wow hard to believe that I have been living on this planet for 40 years now, to degrees I find it hard to wrap my head around that number as it does’t feel that long to various degrees and to other degrees it actually feels longer (depends on the day). … Continue reading

One HOT September 2017!

September 2017 has been a fripping HOT month one of the hottest that I can actually remember, talk about bleepers. We do not tend to have our air/fans going in September as it tends to be cool enough to not need them, but this year that so wasn’t the case … Continue reading

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