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The Royal Wedding

Well today was the day that Will and Kate got married, of course I am talking about the Royal Wedding.

Well it was a big day, like it is for many couples who choose to get married. Many people say that it is a woman’s biggest day, one that she has been planning for all her life, the idea of having that princess style wedding and everything is on many minds when it comes to that special day. I am sure with the planning that went into their wedding was also something that she had been over in her mind for years planning and having it come into fruition would have been I am sure a dream come true.

As many well know this is one of those weddings that people have been looking forwards to for years, since many of us first saw Will and Kate become an item. In the 8 years that they have been together, it has been something I am sure has been hanging over their heads, as to when he would pop that question and ask her to become his bride. Part of me thinks they only waited this long because she had to prove to the Queen that she has the right stuff to be future Queen and I am sure when the time comes she will make the crown proud.

Her choice in dress was up in the air for people to speculate about for some time, from who the lucky designer would be who would create it to what it would look like, some had it being very much traditional to ultra modern.

Her dress was what many where waiting to see, how would it look upon her what style would it be and an assortment of other things that I am sure crossed peoples minds. Today the world learned who had been chosen to create her dress and what it looked like. Some people said that it was a lovely dress other’s where not impressed with it. But all around one thing is for sure copies of the dress will in short order be arrive in local bridal shops and many new brides will be sporting the look for the season to come.

I can’t say that I was impressed with the design of the dress, to me it was very traditional but I didn’t think it was that flattering on her. It was great that she chose to have Ivory and White as her dress colours, very good choice it suited her complexion, so I will give that to her for that part of the choice, but style wise I just can’t think of much good to say about it from my own stand point.

When it comes to Kate’s sister Pippa’s gown now that was a gown that I liked the looks of and could easy see as a wedding gown in and of its own right, though I wasn’t to fond of the front part of the gown, but in general the design of the gown worked.

The only other down turn for that style of dress is that its not flattering for most figures because it show so much (aka it clings in all the right places) but for those who can pull it off, yes a great idea for a simple yet elegant wedding gown I do feel.

It was interesting to see Kate in her evening gown, two wedding gowns not a new concept but one I am sure others might well go after now that this has taken place (then again maybe not). I like her second gown much better to me that should have been her primary it suited her much much better in my personal option.

Like a lot of things when it comes to weddings, the idea of having two gowns seems like a nice idea, but it just doesn’t make much sense to me to have two. I can understand changing into a second gown if one gown was designed for cooler weather and you where having an out door wedding and then a reception inside and wonted a dress that was lighter. To me that would make sense or you have multi cultures going there I can also see more then one option going on to take in both side of the couple, but like all things each is to their own.

Not sure my take on those fascinators, strange hats is what Norman calls them, chuckles. Some of them that where shown on TV looked interesting other’s just looks plain wrong (as in what was that person thinking wearing that on their head). I know that fascinators are an old deal and that my mom wore one on her wedding day (as did many others in her wedding party and wedding period). So what is old is new again apparently or is becoming so after this showing I am sure. I can’t say that I would wear one but then again I might if I found the right one that I liked and suited me (anythings possible).

All in all it was a good wedding and both Norman and I enjoyed watching it, it is something that we both will remember for times to come as I am sure many other’s who turned in to watch it will and those who where in actual attendance.

The Book “The Childless Revolution”

Title: The Childless Revolution: What It Means To Be Childless Today
Author: Madelyn Cain (2001)
Publisher: Perseus Publishing
ISBN# 0-7382-1460-9
Price: 24.00 USD and 36.50 CAD
Ratting: 4 out of 5

Well the first thing about the book that you might notice is that the author is in fact a a parent, she isn’t herself childfree which is very much evident from her opening statement “About ever six months, I have dream that is essence is always the same: My husband announces to me, in some time frame before out wedding, that he does not wish to marry. The news devastates me. i am too old, I know in the dream, to find anyone else. Therefore, I will never be able to mother. In an instant, I am swirling, accurately aware of all that is lost to me. In the kind of reversal that only happens in a dream, the joys I have experienced mothering my daughter are sucked out of me in a blazing vortex and I keen for that which I cannot recapture and which is now denied me.”

I do admit that for an opening statement it makes me not hold much interest in the book itself and for that reason it was hard to get started into the book itself let alone take what I was reading of any value in general since for me the books got a tainted view. Which might or might not be the actual case but from my own side of things it just didn’t sit well reading a book on being childfree from a parents view even if she did do “research” and interviews of those who don’t have children. It is good that she wrote the book in general and that she does talk about there being an option to be a parent vs being childfree – its good to read that there are some parents out there who support however limited that it is a choice that ones does make.

The author divides the book into three main categories those being “Choice”, “Chance” and “Happenstance” which she breaks down into those who have made the choice to be childfree “Choice”, the other are those who for what ever reason are unable to have a child of their own and choose not to adopt “Chance” and then then there are those who at one point in their life put off having a child because it just wasn’t the right time to do so (didn’t find the right partner, didn’t feel stable economically to do so, etc) “Happenstance”. The last part of the book is “Misconceptions” and covers some of the questions and assumptions that people who do not have children face from those who are parents.

Another thing that actually helped me to read the book though more then once was the statement at the start of the “Misconceptions” chapter where the author does state “”I thought every woman wanted children. I had a lot to learn.” that statement actually brought its own light into the writing in general because the author actually acknowledged she “short comings” about what she thought about other women in general when it came to being a parent and the fact that she apparently did come to understand that she did make a choice in her life just as other’s have made in theirs.

One thing that I really like about the book is that the author actually names some fair famous women in history who where in fact childfree for what ever reason was their own they choice to make an impact on the planet instead of becoming a parent. It makes one feel a little better if you are still not sure if you are childfree or not or even if you are just looking to know that you are not alone in the choices you have made.

The end of the book before she gives her final statement of her personal speaking says a lot about the book in general and the journey she herself went on in writing it ” More women than ever are choosing a life that does not conform to the old standard. The time has come to absorb into our consciousness a new version of femaleness, one that is predicted on the measure of a woman’s character, not on the issue of her body.” that last statement to me sums up a whole lot of things about society as a whole and about women and our future.

I feel the author did a good job in writing the book and though she is a parent and her views on being a parent and other women who are not might have changed she at least is open enough it does feel from the writing and her final personal statements to the matter that she has given a vice to those who are not parents that someone who is a parent might actually put some weight on should they choose to read the book, because some times reading what a fellow parent has to say speaks louder to another parent then something which someone who isn’t will ever speak to them.

I’d recommend this book to anyone who wonted to get a rounded experience on what it means to be a parent and be childfree, well worth reading for all that is for sure.

The Book “Two is Enough”

Title: Two is Enough (A Couple’s Guide to Living Childless by Choice)
Author: Laura S. Scot
Publisher: Seal Press
Published: 2009
Pages: 254
ISBN# 978-1-58005-263-4
Price: 16.95 USD and 21.50 CAD
Ratting: 3 out of 5

I don’t really know what I thought when it came to ordering the book, the only thing I did know is that since hearing about the book online that I did wish to read it but at the price being asked for it from the book shop it wasn’t going to happen any time in the near future. So the only option that there would be was to see if the local library system had it in and well until recently they didn’t have any childless or childfree books in stock. Or rather nun of the current popular titles that I’d been hearing about.

It only took me less then a day to read the book cover to cover, which for some might mean it can’t be a great book or something along those lines, but for me its not the case. Good books for me tend to go that way, I tend to be able to read a good book within 24 to 48 hours on average if it caches my attention enough to do so, and well this book did to start with.

I had started reading another book that I was going to do a read one chapter, make my notes have a break then move on to the other book read a chapter make my notes have a break and so forth and so on. But that didn’t happen the book caught my attention solid from chapter one that I just didn’t put it down save to make dinner and eat for close to 7 hours that it took me to read the 250 page book.

The book has some good insights into various peoples reasons for choosing not to have children, ranging from it doesn’t feel right to be a parent to they though that one day that they would have one, but as time passed they realized that it wasn’t for them. The spectrum that the book goes though in this regards and the tails from each perspective is interesting to read about, the book though a basis for a study on those who choose not to have children is well written and to me worth reading regardless of your status as I think the book gives insight into a lot of things that even a parent might understand.

At the end of chapter 7, there are some answer’s that actually got my husband and I talking and laughing, the author actually posts some of the answers to the question “do you have children?” a couple of our favorite answer are “We’ve got two furry four-legged children” this answer is actually one we use fair often when asked if we have children, it might get strange looks but its the truth for us like many others who have made the choice to not have children. Another answer that made us chuckle was “No, Why? Do you need some?” and “No. I like kids, I just never wonted to own one.” though my husband found the authors husbands answer to be funny as well “No, I’m the only child my wife has.” and I agree it is funny in its own way, since Norman is a big kid at heart, then again so am I.

The book itself reads well and it doesn’t take long to get though in general, but I haven’t been able to read though it again, as I first though I would be able to do so after getting so into the book to start with after I got it. So for me the book might well be great and catches ones attention it just doesn’t for me keep my attention once its been read, which is unfortunate since for me that means the book failed to keep me interested in the long run of things. I feel that the book itself is a good read and that both those who have chosen to be childless by choice and those who are childless not by choice should read it and by far I know anyone who is thinking about being a parent or who is a parent should read the book if for no other reason then to get an idea of where some of their friends or those they work with might well be coming form.

All in all a good book and worth reading for all people on both sides of the fence.

Follow My Leader

Follow My LeaderFollow My Leader by James B. Garfield
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I remember checking this book out at the library time and time again, until the day it went missing and I couldn’t check it out again, then began my search for it for my own collection. Went to my local book shop and placed my order, but at that point in time it wasn’t in publication and no word for when it would be. A year or so later the book shop managed to track down a copy it was in close to mint condition as I could hope for.

I don’t know how many times I’ve read the book, but I do know that it is responsible for me getting into working with the handicap and my interest in working with the blind and why I learned to read brail and learned sign language because this book lead to other books of a similar nature that just sparked something within me.

The book is a tail of a young man (a boy) who louses his sight though the misadventures of youth (one I’ve seen a few time in the area of town I live in around the victoria day long weekend) playing with items which are meant for adults and not children and waking up alive with with ones life changed for life. The child goes though a lot of ups and downs within the book, from learning to cope with his lack of sight to finding Sirius (who he later names Leader) who becomes his eyes.

I loved the fact that the book has printed brail within it, might not be the raised style but just being able to see the stuff caught my attention at such a young age to actually seek out the Canadian National Institute For the Blind (CNIB) and get all the material I could on learning to read brail. The tail of how he goes about getting “Leader” lead me to working with guide dogs myself at a younger age (and as an adult being willing to be a foster parent to future service dogs).

Mr. Garfield weaves a good tail that to me was enough to excite a young mind into the wonders of reading and to another world outside of the sighted that I already knew about. He opens up a world that others might know nothing about, which makes me think that he himself is either blind or has experience with the blind because he captures the world very well.

I would recommend this book to all school age children to read, and to many adults as well. It might not be much or long, but the base story within is well worth taking to heart and reflecting upon.

Skin Trade (Anita Blake Vampire Hunter)

Well its not the latest book in the series that has been published, but its the latest edition to the series that I have gotten my hands on, there are two more that I still need to get, those being Flirt and Bullet, I’ll get them soon as they come out on paperback.

Well now to the nuts and bolts of the review.

The book Skin Trade had me hooked like most of the books in the series when it comes to reading it, I didn’t wont to put it down after I started reading as a result it took me about 10 hours in total to read it though start to finish and several more weeks on top of that to re-read it a few times though catching things I missed on my first read though.

The book gets back into the start of the series when it comes to some things, but in other areas its got nothing to do with how the series has progressed that many who are into the series have come to enjoy. There is very little sex in the book to speak of (a couple issues happen yes, but its nothing like other books in the series it does feel).

I actually enjoyed the book for the most part, though I do admit going though it a second, third and fourth time it got slower and slower in my reading it just didn’t keep my attention as much as other books in the series have and continue to do so months or years after they have been published.

The over view is as follows… “When a vampire serial killer sends Anita Blake a grisly souvenir from Las Vegas, she has to warn Sin City’s local authorities what they’re dealing with. Only it’s worse than she thought. Ten officers and one executioner have been slain—paranormal style. Anita heads to Vegas, where’s she’s joined by three other federal marshals, including the ruthless Edward. It’s a good thing he always has her back, because when she gets close to the bodies, Anita senses “tiger” too strongly to ignore it. The weretigers are very powerful in Las Vegas, which means the odds of her rubbing someone important the wrong way just got a lot higher.”

It is a refreshing read to degrees when it comes to how the series have been going, we have a few louse ends the appear to get tied up, or do they really get tied up or not remains to actually be seen.

I’m not really sure why the book was called “Skin Trade” because it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with what happens within with book it self, like many of the other books seem to have going for them when it comes to the titles that have been used.

One thing we do learn more about is why Anita have more of a connection to the tigers, which is kind of interesting to learn and how she reacts to the knowledge. Though nothing big actually takes place in regards to this, we as the reader at least get some insight into what’s going on and maybe why she has some of the powers that she does.

As novels go for this series its filler info that gives you some insight into Anita, but at the same time she ends up adding another couple of were animals to her collection of growing men that its getting a little tiring or repetitive and something has to come of this adding and adding shortly or I’m not sure how the series is going to work or if it will just fall apart because of all the possible story lines that are in play.

Well take care and I hope that you yourself enjoy this book in the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series.

Beach Rib Fest – update

Well today was the first of the three days of the Beach Rib Fest at Woodbine Park here in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

The turn out for the first day was good in general, maybe not as many people as many of the venders where looking for on this day, but being that its a Friday they had a fair turn out I feel. Tomorrow they will do better if the weather holds out for them that is, weekends always seem to make events such as this go better. The music that was on offer from the live band was enough to get a few little feet a dancing and many older feet a tapping as well. Not to mention some singing along which was a nice change to things since I am so use to going to these events and the music that gets played is not something that I tend to enjoy overly much, but todays line up was actually enjoyable, which made eating the food that much better.

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The Spark … finished reading it

Well I did take my time in reading the book, but I am sad to say that I have gotten more of out the site itself then what the books tells me … the book to me has come across as a hype for the site itself and to me doesn’t stand on its own as a solid read. I do admit to feeling cheated out of my money that it cost me to get the book itself – though not in supporting the site itself (as long as the cost of the book helps the site in that area it was worth it).

Reading the review of the book, I had expected more out of it. I don’t know what more I expected, but some how I expected something and I just feel lacking and disappointed its hard to explain my feelings on the matter, beyond that as much as I would recommend the site to others I actually would not do the same for the book, less they where so new to everything that using the book might help them when they do not have access to read the site itself, maybe then it might be of help, I do not really know).

Only thing I do know is that, I still support the site and though the book to me is a disappointment it doesn’t change my views on how helpful the site is to many people out there or to myself.

Keep Sparking Everyone!

Got “The Spark”

Well I did get the book, took almost 10 min to find it in the shop since there was only 4 copies in stock and all but 1 copy has already been spoken for and the single copy that they had left wasn’t even out in the shop but back in the racks.

I will admit that I was NOT pleased about the cost of the book – but then my reason for that is because I actually do lack the funds to get the book, so getting it means I can’t get food for a week, so have to make due with what is already in the house.

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, overview

Well it took me just under 12 hours from the time I got the book in my hands till I put it down when I finished it.

The book is a mixed deal to me, its nice that the craze might finally be over when it come to the potter deal, but at the same time I know that there are hundreds of young adults out there who have grown up with potter and will likely miss the series as it has stood for the past 10 years of its life.

There is still room for the author to continue the series, she has made ample sure that the possibilities of future books hasn’t been blocked, she’s left it wide open to write more, though no sure if she’d create a new series entirely as some people are saying she might (but like everything only she really knows if the 7th truly is the end of the series or not, or if another “magical” series will come to take its place in young minds and hearts).

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, is out tomorrow

Well I’ve not yet gotten my copy of the book, it should be arrive sometime tomorrow, but no idea what time of the day it will arrive, guess time will tell.

I’ve looked at a few fan sites, and some have posted who gets killed off, and other spoliers, and yes I did seek out the spolers to see what happens, and no it doesn’t rune the story line for me if anything it makes me want to read it even more, to get the full story line that takes place without feeling the need to rush through the book.

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