Now Playing Sims 4

Sims4Well I have been playing Sims 4 on our Xbox for the past 4 months or so, ever since I discovered that it was free to play with the Ultimate Game Pass, so since discovering that as a option to play my favourite game, a game that I have been wanting to play on my Mac since it came out in late 2014, but at the time when it came out I couldn’t afford it and at the time the specs that was listed said that my current comp couldn’t play it even at a minimum (yet it can play it now, guess its virtual vs physical game disk deal). So I just put it out of my mind that I would ever likely be able to play it as I had no idea when I would be able to get a computer that was able to run it.

Then while going though the xbox games that where open to play with the Ultimate Game Pass I stumbled upon the fact that Sims 4 was one of the games on offer, and that was the start of me getting back into playing The Sims. Thanks to that when the sale for the packs started for the Xbox I wondered if there was a possibility that it might have a option for my Mac. Thus today I discovered that thanks to EAs sale I could actually get a digital version of it – and this is for the same mac I had in 20114 and that I would actually be able to afford to game itself (as it is 88% reduced in price for the main game itself, and 50% the main game packs, 25% off the sub game packs and 10% off the stuff packs) sadly even even with the sale for the pack they are currently not a particle option (or rather I could get a stuff pack or a main pack but not both).

At any rate, I am not going to get any of the packs right now – sighs “Get To Work” is calling to me as is “Eco Lifestyle” – both I like and what they add to the game itself, I am not going to go for Cats & Dogs this time round, as much as I love that game pack from The Sims 1, 2 and 3 I have found myself not really using it regular enough to warrant the cost to buy it as it currently stands (but if it was to do on 88% or the like sale I would totally get it, other wise it just isn’t worth it for the limited game play that I would actually use it for.

It is a toss between the two as both bring game play that I enjoy doing in general, with Eco Life it is based on having your Sim live as environmentally friendly as possible, while Get To Work adds in the ability to own your own physical business thus another form of self employment, but it also offers three new careers that are actually playable (which is nice, but not necessarily something I am fully into). There is also the pack for camping that has my attention to a limited degree, as in doing some Rag to Riches style play but not sure about how much other wise I’d actually use it.

Sadly I can’t get anything really that was released after 2019 as apparently it will not run on my outdated mac, so until I can afford to upgrade to a Mac that natively runs Metal I’m stuck with the older limited version of the game, and only the option of a couple packs (non of which are of interest to me specifically). Oh well good way to not make me spend any funds thats for sure. Can’t use it, won’t invest in it, simple as that. But at least I get to place a version of the base game and I can still play Sims 3 fully without issue.

Post more as time does allow for it, take care!



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