Norman’s MRI

Well Norman had his first MRI here in Canada today, or he could have had it had be been able to have it but unfortunatly for him he couldn’t get his ear ring out of his ear and I couldn’t get my figers to work to even get it out … Continue reading

Doing Unexpected Things

Well today was decent, woke up in my normal amount of pain. Got up and did some of the dishes, but never got them fully finished but got enough dun so that we’d hvae enough for dinner (which is basic that was needed). Afterwards Norman and I headed out to … Continue reading


Well she is recovering and so far so good, Storm went in for surgery to get Spayed on Thursday May 3rd 2018 … it has been a long time in coming as her last cycle she wasn’t able to get pregnant thus her breeder said it was time to get … Continue reading

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