Missing Yet Again

Well it has been so long since Norman and I got to go to church, we keep meaning to do so and we keep failing to attend. We use to have great attendance and I enjoyed attending, but I must admit that since I was put on the various drugs … Continue reading

General Women’s Session 2017

Well that was a interesting session that is for sure, going to have to watch it a few more times but one of the things I was thinking about and trying to get my head around I think might have been answered – I think because i’m still torn about … Continue reading

Church and stuff

Well arrived in time for sacrament and it went well enough, then had a meeting afterwards for RS. So all in all it went well enough, but when we got home from church ya that wasn’t the best as there is so much going on around here with needing to … Continue reading

LDS – Sunday General Conference

Well no church today because it is General Conference weekend … I am semi sad to say that we’ve not really been watching it as we did last year, we have has it on in the background but actually sitting and watching it though YouTube unfortunately ya no that’s not … Continue reading

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