Finally Got to Sacrament

Well, yesterday we managed to get to Sacrament, almost didn’t as whatever has hit me this past couple of weeks isn’t wanting to let go.

Well, we finally made it, took a bit of driving around to find the ward house. Ya, google maps is great but it isn’t always good when construction or other things are present. At any rate, we made it with time to spear for Sacrament.

When we got to the building I was struck with how much it reminded me of my MILs building and even inside the layout is almost exactly the same (save this one also has rooms upstairs- though no wheelchair access to the upper floor that I could see). The RS room is pretty much exactly in the same location, which is strange to me, it’s like does the church have cookie-cutter designs for general meeting houses or something?

At any rate, we got settled and in short order things started, which included with their general announcements them introducing us to the ward members in attendance. That was totally embarrassing, as we already stand out because of Storm n Payton this just put it a tad over the top (for the feeling like we stand out).

After that things progressed at a normal pace like any other sacrament meeting I’m general. I know next time I am SO going to try sitting at the back of the chapel sitting front row center though good for being able to read the lips of the speakers really felt strange, to say the least.
After sacrament, the ward bishop introduced us to the RS president and a couple of other people who I don’t remember their function. We went to a room to talk with the RS president and our conversation she learned that I was the rs presidency previously she actually was shocked for some reason.

She asked how long I’d held the position for and then asked the strangest thing, did I actually know the job. Kind of a strange thing to be asked in think, but ask she did. Not sure why she was shocked that I had a calling, she did end up saying that she needs something (she wasn’t facing me at the time, so I didn’t catch what she said) and I’m like what? But she didn’t respond so I have 100% no clue what she was talking about or even referring to (totally puzzled by her actions n comments).

Oh well, whatever it is it is. We enjoyed our time there and meet a few people, and as I said it made me feel like we were back down in the states for how the place is laid out only this time it wasn’t packed like sardines like my MILs meeting house was.

Going to be interesting to see how it goes further for this ward, still not sure how accessible it really is as I saw no one in a wheelchair just a couple seniors with cane’s so only time will tell how things work when it comes time for me to attend with my chair (once I’m fitted, etc).

Well, post more as time does allow for it, take care.



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