It is what it is

Well went to church today and was asked to give the opening prayer which I did, kept it short and sweet so to speak and spent the rest of the service lost in various thoughts some from what people where saying who where speaking n the stand at other times … Continue reading

American Anthem really?

Ya not something I was expecting to sing here in Canada outside of a Baseball game or the like, much less at church! Though it was funny to look around at those there who where actually needing to use the hymn book to be able to sing the entire thing. … Continue reading


Well after all this time Norman was finally able to get into see the Stake President and get his recommendation to go and get his Endowments, something many young men before they are married tend to get (or get the day they get married or go on a mission if … Continue reading

Good day at Church

It was a good day at church, got sacrament this time unlike last time so that was good. We didn’t stay for all of church because there was stuff going on at home that meant dad needed the car, but we where able to stay for sacrament and the following … Continue reading

Payton and Church

Well Norman and Payton attended church today, and for the most part it went rather well for the two of them – a couple minor issues that need to be dealt with but for the most part nothing that was a true problem. What was the issues? Norman was asked … Continue reading

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