Camping Trip

Woke up this morning in extream pain and I mean PAIN, it took me a good 30 minutes or so to be able to get my legs to function because I was in so much discomfort that I had a lot of problem feeling my legs enough to be able to get them to move, and this is all from sleeping on the airmatress on the ground that had semi deflated while we slept unfortunatly.

Finally get up and moving and course I’m ready to go back to sleep because I am feeling exosted, but at the same time we’re getting asked if we are coming for breakfast which is ready to go at the mess area that is part of the camp site the church ward was assigned. We get up to the mess area and get into line to get food, there is a minuted of options for us to choose from rather limited for me but decent for Norman, but that’s not uncommon between us so I’m use to it.

They had different breads, some muffins, scrambled eggs (made with dairy), hard boiled eggs, baccon, asian style bacon, thai sausage, regular breakfast sausage, rice, orange slices, tinned peaches, grapes and blue berries, pancakes and a few other items along with hot coco and orange punch.

We got a selection me the fruit and Norman a bit of everything, it was a decent meal but I admit to not being very hungry yet starving at the same time (starving becuase my tummy was feeling off so it was making me go from hungry to quezzy from one moment to the next). After breakfast people started to drift away and go about what they wished to do, such as swim, sports, socialize.

Instead of doing any of that, we went back to the tend and I litteraly passed back out and went back to sleep for a good three hours time I woke up again it was almost noon, but the good news was that I woke up feeling slighty better, still in pain but my pain level was more managable to degrees (I’d taken a little more advil then I should have but it helped).

We finally got up and I wonted to go for a swim somthing I had been really looking forwards to doing since I learned about the camping trip, as it has been two years and chance since I was able to swim in live water. Well it was a good idea but what I learned from it is that the ability to float without help I no longer have – I’ve lost enough that what helped keep me floating two years ago is now gone, sinking is now what happens. That really hurt, I use to be able to float and just enjoy the water, but I couldn’t even tread water without sinking never mind float which was most frustrating to say the least.

Then there was the whole crashing of my exteriance with members of the ward, had more then one member make it very well know that they didn’t wont use with our service dogs anywhere in “their area”, which was saddening and made me semi angry to actually experiance their selfishness at a event that took so much for me to be able to come and attend that I in all honestly ended up feeling like it was a waste of time and energy because I now feel like it isn’t worth being part of the ward with people who are that adminat that we don’t belong.

While in the water, we where on the off side away from there most people where, we made sure it was a area that wasn’t populated so that we’d not be in the way sowe oculd intoruce our service dogs to the water and give them a chance to cool off themselves, but that is when the issues with a few to many members esclated beyond that issues within the camp site itself.

Had one member tell us that our dogs where fightening the children and to take them away, and she made it well known that we where not welcomed there. The couple missionaries who where over seeing the camp itself said we had as much right as anyone there to be on the beach – but because a couple people where making it very well known that we where not welcomed at all it became very hard to enjoy our time at the beach like we wished to be able to do so.

As a result we didn’t spend as much time as we where planning on for today, we where going to stay until everyone was getting ready to leave, but as a result of a few people we made the choice to start to pack up our gear and just leave, better to leave and just call it dun that continue to feel like leapers and unwelcomed.

But before that we got asked by a couple of people who we truse and get along with who asked if we where going ot have lunch, orgianlly we’d just planning on catching food after we left, but do to i was feeling and how i know norman was I chose to go and get some of the lunch that was made for us to nibble on. So went up to get it, and wouldn’t you know that same person was there and still acting badly.

Got a slection for options for Norman and I to nibble and and returned to our tent to eat and continue to pack up the tent. After eating we took the tend down and started to load the van, we ended up heading out not long after, really never got to say goodbye to others wasn’t really feeling it was feeling out of place and my pain level was starting to clime again when I knew I had a good two to three hours of driving ahead of me.

Got home and unpacked and well lets say currently paying for the last 24 hours and then some.



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