its been a while

Well it has bene a long while since we last went to a sacrament meeting or I even attended Relief Society, sadly with all the moving going on, finding a place to live and everything with dad this year thus far as proven very difficult to be able to attend like we would like to be able to. But we are planning on attending once things settle down and we are able to do so.

I can honestly say though that we have not stopped keeping the day holy, we listen to Music & The Spoken Word that is broadcast over YouTube and other Church based stuff that is broadcast for those who can not attend on the regular. It is a small comfort to be able to listen and watch it, but it is at least something which is better than nothing at all.

We do what we can to keep the day in our minds and not dwell on the fact we are not there, it isn’t always easy for Norman who is more use to attending then me. I grew up for a short time attending, but the reality is for me the spirit is always there in all of nature and in everything that it isn’t a specific place or group of people that makes a place spiritual all places are that because nature touches everything and is in everything that is around you and is always there in your heart of hearts.

Well hope everyone is having a good sunday, and enjoying it the fullest.



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