Pain, pain, go away!

Sighs, it would so so nice to have several hours without constant pain. I’d even settle for a full nights sleep without waking up in pain, but sadly that isn’t likely to happen any time soon it does feel/seem.

Mini Health Rant

Well it is one of those days when one ends up playing catch up from the week that is finishing and also to degrees the week previous to this one. I am starting to really dislike what ever is going on with my body and it not letting me have … Continue reading

More Medical

Well saw my doc today, was a decent appointemnt as in it went well. She recommended that I try the medication Celecoxib which is sold under the brand name Celebrex among others and is a COX-2 selective non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). It is used to treat the pain and … Continue reading

Eye Doc

Well saw my eye doc for my annual exam and am pleased to say that there is no sign of anything in my eyes to do with diabetes or anything else, my eye site is better than it was in my youth which is great to hear since I have … Continue reading

New Nuro

Saw the new Neurologist today and can’t say that he inspired any thing of a positive nature, but he said in all honestly he isn’t expecting to see anything in the scan and doesn’t think anything that is going on with me is neurological in nature (why do I feel … Continue reading

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