Small Accomplishments

Feeling proud of myself, it is such a simple thing but for me, it is something that has been a long time in happening it feels. What was this accomplishment? I managed to take a full shower without falling. Yes for over a year, taking a shower has meant that … Continue reading

Disaster of an OT Appointment

Well, that was a disaster of an OT appointment yesterday (Tuesday), I had such high hope’s for it (I really shouldn’t have had such hope’s, but I’m an optimist at heart). First, the person calls and his number comes across as being from another country, so I ignore it. Then … Continue reading

Doc Appointment

Saw my GP, was mostly a general overview and base touch. I told her about dad’s diagnosis and we talked about my choice for his care over. She said from her palliative care background that I made a smart and well thought out choice. She told me of some of … Continue reading

Endo Appointment

Well saw my diabetic doc today, it went well enough in general, was a little ticked with his comment that I need to eat less. He totally didn’t get the concept that I don’t eat a lot as it is because we only have so much funds each month to … Continue reading

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