Endo appointment

Well saw my endo today, and ofcouse he had with him one of the many interns who is working on becoming a endo themselves so this girl was really green she was expaling my case to her and she was trying to take it all in, big time when he … Continue reading

Another Appointment

Well saw my new GP again and this time it went a little better, she had gone though my file to a limited degree and had noticed that there was some gaps – which during the course of our talk she realized wasn’t small as she was orginally thinking but … Continue reading

Diabetic clinic

Well saw the diabetic social worker for my follow up, she had a box of syringes for me to use instead of having to buy them which was good of her to have, since I had been wondering what I was going to do about getting them. We also talked … Continue reading

Mental Health

Well saw my mental health doc today, and the appintment went well – he asked me the standard questions that get asked every visit and ofcourse asked how I am doing in my sex life and am I hungry and how am I sleeping. Every appointment is the samw he … Continue reading


Well saw my new GP today, went in with my lundary list of thigns that have happened since I last saw her plus things that didnt get touched on since last we saw each other and other Questions that have come up over the past since I law saw her. … Continue reading

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