New Nuro

Saw the new Neurologist today and can’t say that he inspired any thing of a positive nature, but he said in all honestly he isn’t expecting to see anything in the scan and doesn’t think anything that is going on with me is neurological in nature (why do I feel … Continue reading


I never thought I would get told I have this condition in my 30s … knew it could be a possibility in my 50 and beyond but not this young, nor how much of a problem finding the right treatment for it is becoming do to my issues with drugs … Continue reading

What is Fibromyalgia?

As many might or might not be aware I have been told that I have Fibromyalgia, it is not something that I was expecting to get told and I am still trying to figure out its place in what is going on in my life. One of the things with … Continue reading

Easter Monday

Well hope everyone is having a good Easter Long Weekend and that you are able to spend it with friends or family. Not much going on in general, I’m in pain after going out walking with Payton and Norman but other wise i’m in high spirits over all.

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