Diabetic Educator

Well saw the diabetic educator who is helping me try and figure out what is going on my my glucose control, she is agreeing that my uncontroled pain is starting to realy interfear with my glucose control but that she doesn’t know what can be dun save to increase my … Continue reading

Diabetic Visit

Saw my Diabetic social worker today and we went over several things that have come up since our late visit including the idea of a pump and possibly seeing if it might be possible to get a CGM funded under ODB since my glucose control isn’t getting beter with the … Continue reading

Life Happenings

The day started out alright, then got worse as it went along to degrees. Woke up in pain nothing new there as in all honestly I don’t remember a pain free wake up in years now. When I finaly got downstaires I relaized that it was going to be a … Continue reading

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