Chronic Pain

Sighs, I don’t know what is going on or going wrong. The more I read about various things that I am said to have the more like I feel that I don’t fit into the whole I’ve been put into and it is irritating to say the least, but also … Continue reading

Grrrr Pain

So much for the pain level to be going down, it is still at a level 6 today, woke up with it at a 7 took Advil and it finally went down to a 6. But it isn’t holding there at all it keeps yo-yoing on me I really do … Continue reading

Bleep ouch!

Well I am totally paying for yesterday today! It is really painful to move and my entire body is telling me that I need to just not do anything, yet I can’t sit around as that’s almost just as painful to do – so went to busker fest with Norman … Continue reading

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