Am I Ozempic For Life?

This is something that someone asked me, they wondered if I will be on Ozempic for the rest of my life. The short answer is No I will not be on it for the rest of my life.

The longer more complicated answer actually is, that I will be on some form of drug designed for insulin resistance because that is how it just is it is very unlikely that I will ever regain the sensitivity to insulin that I once had. I might get some sensitivity back but thanks to having Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome being insulin resistant in many regards is part of how life will be also it isn’t an uncommon issue for many type 1 diabetes to eventually develop after being on insulin for a number of years.

For some changing insulin helps with that resistance, but for others that just isn’t going to help, at which point in time you have to be treated with the same medications that many type 2 diabetics are treated with to help their insulin resistance.

As to Ozempic itself, I will be on it for as long as my body will tolerate me being on it, and at some point, in the future, a new GLP1 or similar drug will be developed and it will be the new drug that is being used to treat insulin resistance and it will be the drug that is now being covered so when that time comes I likely will be moved over to it to try and see if it will work for me also.

This type of thing will continue to happen until I reach such a point in my life that it just isn’t worth it and my time here has run its course at which point yes I will finally not be on anything because my body will be at rest.



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