FitBit for August2020

Here are August’s stats according to the FitBit website. 95,454 steps 11 floors 70.88 km 75,384 calories Actually got more steps in than I did in July, which was actually shocking since I didn’t feel like I was very active in August – but apparently I was more active than … Continue reading

FitBit for July 2020

Here are July’s stats according to the FitBit website. 72,181 steps taken 7 Floors 53.55 km traveled 71,168 calories burned Well, I was hoping that I would be more active for July not less – but considering the weather, we ended up having and starting those muscle relaxants I’m actually … Continue reading

FitBit for June 2020

Here are June stats according to the FitBit website. 77,265 steps taken 15 Floors 57.28 km traveled 71,291 calories burned It wasn’t as a productive month as I could have hoped for, but considering how HOT it has been in June preventing me from leaving the apartment until late in … Continue reading

Fitbit for May 2020

Here are May stats according to the FitBit website. 81,352 steps taken 18 floors 60.44 km traveled 74,813 calories burned Did a little better than last month, which is good considering we are still mostly in full lockdown thanks to COVID-19. I can hope that for June things will improve, … Continue reading

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