Fitbit for April 2020

Here are April stats according to the FitBit website. 83,552 steps taken 19 floors 61.82 km traveled 71,711 calories burned WOW, I actually did better then I was expecting I would do, I was totally thinking that I was going to be getting in a LOT fewer steps then I … Continue reading

Fitbit for March 2020

Here are March stats according to the FitBit website. 82,729 steps taken 31 floors 61.28 km traveled 71,454 calories burned Not a great number, but thanks to COVID-19 it is better then I was expecting it to be. I am only off from last month by 4,060 steps, 3.02 km, … Continue reading

Fitbit for Feb 2020

Here are February stats according to the FitBit website. 86,789 steps taken 42 floors 64.3 km traveled 67,663 calories burned Not a bad number all this considered for the month, am only off by 10,599 steps, 14 floors, 7.78 km, and 5,755 calories burned compared to last month at least. … Continue reading

2019 #FitBit Totals

Well since I posted what last month’s totals were I figured it was a good idea to post what all of the 2019s are mostly for my own records than for anyone else benefit, but if it gives you the inspiration that great. 651,679 steps taken 357 floors 481.16 km … Continue reading

FitBit for Jan 2020

Well, I haven’t really been tracking anything when it comes to my Fitbit in a good year, slightly longer. I have been using it but not actively engaging with it (just wearing it as much like a watch, not really looking at it for anything like I have when I … Continue reading

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