FitBit for Jan 2020

Well, I haven’t really been tracking anything when it comes to my Fitbit in a good year, slightly longer. I have been using it but not actively engaging with it (just wearing it as much like a watch, not really looking at it for anything like I have when I started using it years ago). I am trying to get more into using it for what it is actually intended for, but the reality is I don’t know if I am going to be able to do so – but I can still record what each month shows at least to see how things are in general and any other stats that go along with it, such as recent weight loss, etc.

So here are Janurarys stats according to the FitBit website.
97,388 steps
56 floors
72.08 km
73,418 calories burned

I’ll post Feb’s 2020 at the start of next month.



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