Hitting the Gym

It has been over a decade since I last stepped foot inside of a gym and in all honestly I never thought I would do so again. I had hope that I would but with how my health has been going, I had all but given up on the notion that I would ever do so again.

But, today that changed today Norman and I went to the gym in our apartment building – and I did a short time of all of the cardio machines that it has to offer and I found out very fast which ones are a BIG NO, which ones are a No Go (Not a great idea) and the single one that seems to be workable to degrees (can do it, but have to take it easy as it is super low impact so can easy over do it).

Going to the gym felt great, its sad that there is no hot tub to use afterwards to help the muscles (makes me sad that I can’t use the bath tube in the apartment (can’t use it until hand holds are installed as I can’t get myself in and out of the tub without the extra help).

One thing about our new home, is that we can go to the gym at any time for as long or short as we like and that means I could go for a few minutes each day and just work on one thing at a time, like using the free weights to try and rebuild my arm strength or just getting out the mats and doing yoga or other stretching that is recommended by the arthritis society of Canada, in short I now have the possibility of doing what the rheumatologist wonted me to do 5 years ago.

It will not fix the degeneration, it will not fix the breakdown that is happening but it might well help slow it down or at least help prevent further wasting of my muscles that has happened for various reasons. It still will not prevent me from needing a wheelchair to get around, but it I hope will at least build up my endurance so I can push though easer as needed.

Well thanks for reading post more shortly, take care.



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