Video Editing and Live Streaming

Well I have been working on and off most of the weekend to try and figure out a introduction to all of my LiveStreams that I am going to be moving over to YouTube once they have been edited, its taken me a little while to figure out how I wish it to look and I am still not 100% sure that I won’t change it – but as it stands it is currently using my main graphic that I have settled on being my current representation of who I am online (out side of my name), the stylized graphic using Storm as my inspiration is what I settled on a while ago as it seemed fitting (but this is why I say it will change with time, as life happens and things progress into other areas thus updates and change is needed).

At any rate I have fair pleased with the introduction I have whipped up, it is only 30 seconds long and is what will be stitched before any of the Live Stream video edits so to give viewers a heads up that they are going to be watching prerecorded video (for some reason if you post a live stream and don’t make it 100% clear that it is prerecorded people get very upset with you – if you did mention it vocally, for some reason a visual reminder in text is also needed.

The intro doesn’t have any music associated with it, but thats mostly because I haven’t found free unliscanced music that I like that to me fits with the intro graphic so better to just leave well enough alone and at a future date if I find or make something that fits then I can always add it to future videos (like others have done over time).

Over all it feels incomplete to me for a introduction to a video series or anything but it is what it is and it will work for the time being (can always change it as time passes, because like all things that is how things happen, is that with time they tend to change with the time and technology, etc.

You can see the edited video with its intro by clicking here.



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