First Minecraft Let’s Dig Is Finished

Well I did a 22 part live broadcast using Twitch to stream me doing a 50×50 dig down to bedrock in Minecraft in survival on normal. I did get killed a number of times near the end of the series but I managed to make it down to bedrock in a complete viewable square!

Now what to do? I have almost 0 clue what I would like to do for my next Minecraft adventure, so for one I am doing to do just a Survival Hard run though with the goal of surviving long enough to find a village. If that happens early on in the game (within the two hours) then I will try to find another village , etc until the two hour stream is finished.

Other than that I’m doing to also do a 50×50 dig down to bedrock in creative mode, it will be in the same world as the previous Lets Dig and it will actually be along side the existing dig, as I wish to explore the mind shafts further and what better way to do so then in creative mode 🙂

Other then those two ideas for MC I have no idea what to do next really. My mind says to tackle a 75×75 square to bedrock, or just a 25×25, even a 100×100 (which is appealing yes, but not currently the case). Other wise there is the option of using any of the packs that are gotten from the Minecraft store and exploring several of them (I’ve already downloaded several of the free ones, so I do have many that I haven’t played/seen as yet).

I could do a Lets Build, where I choose to build a specific building type or series of builds that would create something, not sure what. I’m not overly big into building outside of functional areas for exploring and mining.

In all honestly I didn’t think it would only last 22 days to do a 50×50 dig on my own, I thought for sure it would take much longer to do it big time when I was only doing it in 2 hour increments, which means it took 44 hours to do it. Actually it didn’t there was two time in the recording that I thought it was recording and I didn’t realize it was not recording/casting until after the fact when I went online to my account to download it and it wasn’t there (yet when i was looking on my phone it was using the timer to show that I was streaming – yet somehow I really wasn’t doing so – I don’t know what happened).

So as it currently is right now, I don’t know what I am going to do for MC but Have a couple days to figure it out before I should be streaming something (if i don’t wish to disrupt my daily streaming streak that is).

Will post more as time does allow for it, take care everyone!



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