Various 80’s Commercials

Tootsie roll commercial – I’ve not seen a commercial for this produnt in years, chuckles

Wendys commercials – never saw any of these, and i think i am glad i never saw it .. shutters

Bonkers Candy commercial – i know of the candy, but never saw this commercial

Tootsie Roll Pop commercial – oh man does that commercial bring back memories

Rainbow Bright Cerial – ouch another commercial i do remmebr but could have dun without the reminder.

Burger King commecial – k i do not remember this commercial

karate kid action figure – i don’t think this commercial ever hit the air here in canada

McDs – K i do remember this commercial fair well, but not the second one at all

Nintendo – i do not remember this commercial, then again i might not have watched it cause it was of no interest to me back then

Teddy Grams Breakfast cerial – i do remember the cerial, but not the commercial

Whos the Boss – i remember the show, but i never paid attention to the commercials for it

Growing Pains – see above

A&W – k i know the place, but i don’t remember this particular commercial for it

Cosby – chuckles now this is a show that i remember watching, but not the commerical for it

Family Ties – never did get into watching this show, and don’t remember the commercial

Fruit Rollups – ate them, but don’t remember the commercial

Play-Doh – i use to play with it, but don’t remember this commercial for it

Simon – ack i use to play with that thing, though once again i don’t remember the commercial for it

Reader Fox – I do remember that commercial



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