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Tweets for April 2010 (p3)

  • @MeiQingTing ::salivates:: mmmmm sushi .. dang not had that in a while in reply to MeiQingTing #
  • @S_Winkler its all good … took Norman to the pickle berral no long after we first meet in reply to S_Winkler #
  • Price Choppers has some good deals on this week, got good deal on an eye of the round roast, enough for about 12 half decent steaks #
  • So much talk among friends here on twitter about chinese food, that I picked up something at price choppers that was part of the sale items #
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St. Lawrence Market

Well we where just going to do exploring downtown today, Norman and I. But the Queen Streetcar had to make a detour down along King St. and cause it had to do that we ended up going by the St. Lawrence Market, a place that I’ve been telling him about for over a year now, but we’ve not been able to get to, till today.

It was his very first time at such a place, he’d never been to any place like it, which to me is a little strange, but I guess these indoor markets are not as common as I thought them to be.

It was fun showing him around the butcher and fishmonger stalls that are set up there, not to mention the fruit sellers and other market stalls. He said that he was like in sensory overload for all the new things that I was showing him, not to mention the low cost of much of the foods there, from Beef to Venison he was taking it all in. We even managed to pick up some first stuff form one of the fishmongers – got some maple salmon, seaweed salad and octopus salad as well. Plus from one of the butchers we got 4 sticks of lamb which we are planning on having sometime this week over the BBQ if we can manage to do so.

Well post more shortly, take care!

Missing my hubby

I know that he will be back home soon, but it doesn’t make his being away from me any easer knowing that.

This immigration issue that we have been going though has not been an easy road, but its not necessary one that either of us would change, some areas of it yes we would, such as doing it in country instead of out of country, since we might have well dun that for all the out of country part hasn’t worked as we’d hoped it would (did it cause we both thought he had work to go back to, but turned out not to be the case).

You’d think after being at a place for 12 plus years that they would do as they said, take him back when he returns from getting married, but that wasn’t the case they never took him back as he was told they would. On top of it getting more work has proven to be an issue, since he’s got his status pending for to come up here the potential employers have thrown that in his face that he will not stay long enough to be employable by them, yet he would have been able to work for any of those company for close to a year since that’s how long we’ve been married. Those places lucked out on a great and loyal employee.

Sighs, and I myself have had little luck in getting full time employment myself, I get work here and there on a freelance basis, but with all that has been going on I myself haven’t been able to find full time employment, not even part time … which is disheartening since I keep getting told that there is no reason why I shouldn’t have full time work by now -oh well something is out there, I know it!

It will be good to have him here on a perm basis and being able to really start our life together as a married couple should be able to do so, its just a matter of time before we will be able to do so.

Well take care everyone, post more as time does allow for it.

Tweets for February 2010

  • Afternoon twittervil, waking BG once again wasn’t great it was mml 10.1 – I have no idea what is going wrong I don’t eat past midnight! #
  • Well for the month I am officially down two pounds :-) so a 3 pound drop for the year thus far! #
  • I am not pleased with the rise in my BG levels, for the past several weeks its been back to where it was all last year – sighs WTH is wrong! #
  • Yes am just a little frustrated with the BG numbers of late since I have to see my endro at the end of march and I’m hoping for a better A1C #
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2010, a new start

It was a good start in general for me to 2010, even if I had to see my hubby head back to the US as we wait for his PR status to come though (with luck he’ll get the notice by February to get up here perm).

I had a good start to the year, I actually managed to log in over 2,000 cals for once … all last month I was lucky to get in 1200 actually its been like that since June that I’ve had issues getting in anything more then 1200 in a day (hence next to no weight loss).

I didn’t meet my year goal of 20 pounds down, actually only managed to get off 4 pounds for the year – so not pleased with that number but at least it did go down so can’t complain really since the scale did go down and not up.

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gifts we got

Well Norman and I got a prity good number of things between us – he got mostly clothing which was what he was needing, and well he got me a few pices of clothing (two PJs – that my folks had a hoot about).

I also got the P90X that I’d asked for in lue of going to the gym further (asked them to get it from shoppers because they had all those points to use and were trying to find something to use them on, thus at 115 plus tax with with close to a million points I think it was a good investment on their part, I know it will be on mine).

Got my normal wolf calander that i get from my aunt and uncle every year, also got monster inc from my folks (special edition) shutters I don’t like the movie at all, yet they say its what i asked for – not bloody likely!

Norman got from my aunt and uncle a coffee mug with some rear car on it – that he actually likes and wouldn’t mind owning

Well take care everyone,

Well its in their hands now

Well a couple days ago I sent in all the papers for his immigration. Now it is a waiting game, waiting to see if we get approval waiting to see what happens next.

I don’t like waiting I wont him here with me NOW! But that can’t be the case we have to follow the law, but it doesn’t make it any easer by any means. But regardless of the outcome we will be together as husband and wife in one country or the other.

Sighs, I new it could be a long process the immigration stuff but it already feels like its been forever. I know we should have sent the papers in sooner, but we where waiting for some images to get to us from his family that needed to be included as part of the process and it took them almost two months to get the images to us!

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Norman’s 33rd Birthday

Well Sunday was Norman’s 33rd birthday.

As birthday’s went it could have been better, but at least he wasn’t alone for it as was normal for him and at least his family didn’t play a prank on him for it as they have in the past.

In fact his family did nothing, save scarf down the cake he got – sing him happy birthday … nothing else what so ever. Sighs, its not a surprise though since we haven’t been invited to any of their birthday parties that they have had since we moved down here, not a single one, not even if we got them a gift where we invited, like WTH!

I am almost dreading my birthday down here next month. It will be my second birthday in my life to date without my folks being there – I have no idea what he has planned for my birthday, I don’t even know what I wont for my birthday other then for us to be back up in Canada with my folks and Griff.

Well for Norman’s birthday we went to a local spiritual shop and he got himself a journal that he’d been eyeing from them for a while now, then we drove to Red Lobster and had the All you can Eat Shrimp platter, he had the Garlic Shrimp Scampi, Hand Breaded Shrimp and two orders of the Shrimp Teriyaki and I had 3 orders of the Garlic Shrimp Scampi and a single order of the Hand Breaded shrimp (which I didn’t finish, I was to stuffed).

We did have to wait before we where seated, but instead of the wait that I was expecting do to the amount of people there, we where seated within the time they said (10 to 15 min – where I was expecting a good hour that I over heard the person say to other parties).

The meal itself I rounded to 50 bucks which means it comes into about 54.00 Canadian a little pricy for what we got in general but since I did say we could go where he wished to go, its well worth it. On this area I do agree with my dad and mom special occasions you have a budget but you try to stay within it but if not at least enjoy it to the fullest and I was under what I was willing to pay for the day, so all is good in that area.

When all is said and dun we spent about 100 bucks between us on his birthday – so not bad in general. My folks sent him down a money order for him to buy what he wished with it (he’s saving it for when I am gone if he needs extra funds for what ever reason, that or for when I come down around christmas time – he’s not 100% sure yet).

Well I hope everyone is taking care, post more later.

Norman’s Mom’s Wedding

Well July 25th 2009 Norman’s mom got married to the person she had been dating for the past two years or so. She finally said yes to him after saying no all because she didn’t wont to leave her unmarried son on his own with his medical condition or what have you.

K I can understand her being worried about his medical health yes, but that is no reason to put your own life on hold. Many adults live with Epilepsy in this day and age and live on their own to boot. Granted his was not apparently under-control as it has gotten since he started living with me, but still its part of his life.

Well back to the wedding, the catering was dun all by his two eldest sisters though the one who lives where we do did most of the cooking and baking. His eldest sister baked 8 cakes – 5 chocolate heart shaped cakes, plus the main cake itself which was vanilla. She also made up finger foods for people to eat, and his other sister also made up finger foods. His eldest sister went with him to SAMs to get two veggie platters plus a fruit platter, plus stuff to make up punch for everyone to drink.

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