Furnal Equinox 2011 – part 3

Furnal Equinox 2011 LOGOWell it was the last day of the con itself, Norman and I are sticking around for the night at the hotel, my folks agreed that another night would be possible so that we didn’t have to come home so late at night – cost them a little more, but at least we’ll get a chance to actually sleep in a little in the nice soft bed for a change.

Sunday started much like saturday, getting up way to early for us and with that day light saving kicking in we didn’t wake up feeling that great since it had been late that we got to bed to start with, so getting up with about 2 to 3 hours of sleep knowing we had a full day a head of us wasn’t a great prospect to say the least. We had the same breakfast as the day before, instant oatmeal with decaf tea for him and coffee for me, got dressed and came down stairs to go on duty. Though today was only a short shift compared to saturdays double shift, this time we got off around noon and had two hours to do with as we chose, but what did we do? instead of going to a panel we went walking around like we had the day before making sure everything was alright, Norman picked up his badge from the girl he’d commissioned to draw it from.

After that we headed back up to our room, I was not feeling that well to say the least but I thought maybe a swim might help so I changed into my swimsuit and we went down to the pool (it had actually been about 6 years since I’d been able to go swimming, and it was nice to hit the water, though not as relaxing as I’d hoped it to be). Why wasn’t it relaxing as it could have been? simple to many kiddies in the pool fooling and splashing around that it was hard to swim not to mention really annoying to do so, that I actually gave up trying to do so after about 15 minutes and we went back up to the room and changed. Came back down in our security Ts and walked around the area as extra roving staff (didn’t have much else to do as there was no panels going on at the time and the couple that where were not of any interest to either of us to start with.

Kantu - photo by FirestormSix at FE2011When we got back down to the con area, we headed over to the person who had been taking photo’s of the suiters, Norman wonted to pick up his photo’s and well I took off to go and do the panel that I was scheduled to do, it was on “Spirituality” and I was co-hosting it with the FE2011 co-chair. The panel went fair well I think, though I will admit to being a but of a motor mouth and not really being able to keep my mind on track from the lack of sleep, that to me it felt like I wasn’t talking much sense, yet other seemed to think I was, so maybe I was I don’t know it didn’t feel like I was tis all to me.

After the panel, Norman and I had a short time off (30 minutes) so we grabbed lunch at subway and wolfed it down before getting read for closing ceremonies, we didn’t bother changing out of our security clothing because well didn’t see the point since 30 min after closing ceremonies we’d be pulling our last shift of the day so why change, sides we got scripted to be at the doors anyhow to watch people etc, worked for us got to see what was going on and keep an eye on things to boot.

Turned out we had at something like 110 fursuiters who showed up at the con, an apparent north american record from what I am to understand and we almost hit 500 people in attendance over the course of the weekend, which was way cool to say the least. According to the info we where given Furnal Equinox now ranks at number 13 of the north american con’s for number of people in attendance or something to that effect.

After the closing ceremonies took place the promo badges for 2012 where suppose to be on hand to be given out, but someone forgot to have them ready, so I ran and got them with Norman behind me, grab them and handed them off to him and off we went to get them where they needed to be so people could get them before they left the con and headed home, if they where not staying for the evening dances.

After that, we started our last shift of the con – there wasn’t much to do this time round since there might have been maybe 10 or at the max 20 people left in the con area if lucky, but like all things issues happen there was suppose to be help in the game room but some glitch happened so we volunteered to mind the room for a short time, and OUCH I think that is what caused me to not feel to well by the time we where going to bed, to loud way to blasted loud in that room by far.

Well by the end of the shift Norman and I where very much chomping on what ever food there was around, mostly chips and pop because we hadn’t had dinner and were rather hungry to say the least, but knew that what we where going to have for dinner wasn’t going to be much since we where down to the last of the funds (even with help from those from the con), but as luck would have it one of the con member’s was being helpful and gave us a little extra to help get us a nice sending off meal, which was great of him. So we went over to the sushi place where we’d wonted to go but couldn’t afford on our limited budget and got one of the bento boxes and shared it between us, with enough funds left over to be able to get us something to eat for breakfast as well (since what we’d brought with us for that we’d finished with todays breakfast).

Before heading off to get food, we turned in our Ts for the con as well as the walkie-talkie and said our goodbyes to all the con staff that was left – it had been fun working with most of them and we’re looking forwards to next year as well.



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