Furnal Equinox 2011 – part 2

Furnal Equinox 2011 LOGOWell day 2 of Furnal Equinox 2011 and it was a good day all in all, but dang it felt like it was never going to be over. Norman and I got up at about 8 am so we could get our breakfast and get ready for our first shift of the day.

Unlike many at the con, our breakfast wasn’t from any of the local eateries or from the hotel itself but from the food that we brought with us to have (didn’t have the funds to eat out every meal of the day, would have been nice). We brought with us Norman’s one cup coffee maker that will also just do hot water itself for tea, we know that the hotel would have the ability to make hot water, but the chances of the coffee maker being contaminated with coffee was to great a chance to take so we brought our own for him to use without fear of cross contamination issues.

What we ended up having for breakfast was instant oatmeal it was fast and tasty though not as filling as one might wish it to be, but hay it was food and didn’t cost us anything beyond what it cost to get it (which wasn’t anything since it was what we’d gotten last year but never finished).

After breakfast we got things together for the day and got the room a little tidy so we knew where things would be for the rest of the day, and got on down to our gate shift. After our shift was over we took off and went to Harvies for lunch and used the last of the gift card we’d gotten for yule, k still got a little left on the card, but what is left is about enough to get either a pop or fries nothing more.

Norman's Fursona - KantuAfter lunch we had a short time to look around the con, and in the process Norman got talking to one of the artist that he’d talked to on Friday and ended up going for a deal she was offering, which was for her to draw him his fursona. She was taking commissions to do so anyhow, so she added him to her list of people she was going to be doing drawings of and said she’d have it finished by Sunday, so we left and continued on with our time off shift.

Norman tried to talk me into getting myself my fursona drawn as well, but I kept putting it off and off and off. As much as I’d like to see someone else draw my fursona I can’t bring myself to see someone else’s vision on what she looks like, so when I have a chance I’ll just do it up myself and be over and dun with it. It wont be like his is because well I don’t have a lamination thing to do so, but I can do what many other’s where doing and do card a card stock version, which will work well enough for me and if I get the brain to do so I can always draw up my own and get it laminated later on if I become so inclined to do so.

After that we went up to get ready for the Fursuit stuff that was going to be taking place for the next hour and change, it was also going to be Kantu’s first introduction to the community at large (since the parade was being broadcast over the internet), I had no intent on being in the parade what so ever, but that didn’t happen he dragged me into it ::facepaws:: do I dropped my hat over my head and well it wasn’t great it worked well enough (but bla it didn’t feel good to do so since my sight was so limited (could see at about a 90 degree angle downwards only). But it went well, I bet there are going to be several postings of the parade on YouTube, if you are wondering which ones are Norman and I, look for a panda in a red shirt at the end of the line, the couple before them (one in a black and white fursuit with pink nose is Norman and well the red shirted person with the plush hat is me).

After the parade was over, Norman went to get his picture taken but turned out that we where running short on time to get back to do our panel “Canines” so we had to head back to our room and change, so we’d be able to get back down to the panel on time (didn’t happen we where 2 min late getting into the panel).

After that we went to Tim Hortons to grab a bite to eat, again using one of the gift cards we’d gotten given to us. Again we shared the meal, we ended up getting the chili combo because we both like the chili and because its enough for two people in general (though by that point in time we could have eating one each, but didn’t have that much on the card to be able to do so, unfortunately). After which we headed down for our last shift of the day.

So all in all it was a busy day, enjoyable for the most part, long and tiring and in short many good panels that we wished we could have attended but where unable to do so do to working, but hay at least we got to listen to the 80s music being played for part of our evening shift that was one of the good things.



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