Furnal Equinox 2011 – Overview

Furnal Equinox 2011 LOGOWell it was an interesting weekend to say the least, I do wish in hind sight that I had taken way more photo’s then where taken, such as pics of our room, some of the food we had, more fursuiters pics and in short more pics more pics more pics! But like all things that happen, taking pic’s was not night on my list of things to do at the con, as in hind sight it feels it really should have been.

I know I got several pics as we did get some to document that we where there and what not, but not as many as I know other people got ::shrugs:: happens.

We ended up getting up earlier then intended today because well we just couldn’t sleep in as we’d like to be able to do so – so we got up and headed over to subway to use the last of the extra funds we’d been given to get breakfast (he got a ham and egg on an english muffin and I got a 6 in cold cuts combo) after getting it we headed back to the hotel and ate our breakfast then finished packing. After doing a sweep of the room we garbed our gear checked out and caught the bus and headed home.

Took us abut 2 hours to get home, we took a different direct home then we did to get there to start with but we got home just slightly after noon. Got home to find Giffy waiting for us and very pleased to have us home to say the least, and to find our room in shambles because my mom had stripped our bed to wash the linens (not to pleased with that) and left them on the bed for us to make when we got home. Which we did, and as soon as the bed was made we pulled the covers down and took a snooze.

Got a couple more hours of sleep, before getting up, getting dinner and in short working on things that I’d started on my comp but wasn’t able to finish (blog entries mostly) plus updating things on twitter, following people who has posted that they where also at FE2011 or at least following them through tracking them on one of my lists.

I’m still not feeling very well and I feel like I am ill that I caught a cold or something while at the con, which with my lack of immune system might well have been the case, though I am also thinking it could be do to being run down, not eating well for the past three days, lack of sleep and in short not taking as good care of myself as I should have been doing so.

I wore my pedometer the whole time there, Friday I managed to take 7072 steps of which 984 where acrobatic steps for 10 minutes, which means I burned 330 calories and covered 3.67 km for all of Friday. Saturday I managed to take 8017 steps, no acrobatic steps, burned 395 calories and covered 4.16 km for all of Saturday and on Sunday I managed to take 6236 steps of which 0 where acrobatic but managed to burn 332 calories and cover 3.24 km for the whole day. So for all of Furnal Equinox I managed to take 21,325 steps, burn 1057 calories and covered 11.07 km for the entire convention, not a bad total if I do say so myself.

Went though spark and entered what I ate during the weekend while at FE2011 and well here is the result for Friday = 2,526 calories, for Saturday = 2,122 calories and for Sunday = 3,170 calories. Talk about a high cal intake for three full days, and I know most of it wasn’t healthy based foods either and that my sodium in take has been 3,000+ mg a day thanks to that … but the funny thing is for all those calories taken I’m actually down a pound according to the scale here at home. I hit it when we got in from the hotel, so mid day instead of first thing in the morning and it shows me down a pound since I hit the scales on friday before we left to go for the con itself.

Funny thing is from what I took in vs burned I should be UP a pound not down by a pound, so either the math on what I ate is off, or the math on how many calories I burned is off or a combo of the two that or there is also another factor in the mix, called standing that I have no idea how many calories that burns, other then what spark gives me which would be about 2,326 calories burned for about 6 hours of Standing with light/moderate work being involved, if that is the case then I might well have been burning what I was eating with very little if anything left over for the day, which would explain why my glucose levels for all the pop I drank wasn’t spiking.

As in friday if the numbers are right I would have burned 2,656 and only taken in 2,526 calories that would be a daily deficit of 130 calories, Saturday it would have burned 2,791 calories that would be a daily deficit of 669, Sunday it would have burned 2,658 calories that would be a deficit of +515 so for three days I would have a three day deficit of 284 calories. Oh well its part of life, its just funny that I was able to eat as much as I ate, still feel hungry and louse weight instead of gain weight over that course of time.

We are both looking forwards to next years con, take care everyone!



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