#FitBlog QnA – Tight Rope Act – Balance For Your Mind And Body

FitBlog ChatsQ1) What is your definition of balance? And what activities help you achieve it?
My definition of balance is not going over board in any one area, food, working out, life and what not. But since its next to impossible to keep everything in balance I strive to keep as many things as I can balanced and learn to work with the rest of it as the days go by.

Q2) Do you pay special attention to your nutrition to feel good? If so, do you use any resources, and how do you determine if they are helpful and credible?
I do pay attention to what I eat in general and I do log what I eat, though at times I’m not on top of it as I am at other times. I use SparkPeople to track what I eat and it gives me the results of what I track, such as sodium content, potassium content, calories, fats, protein, zinc, vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals that I’ve asked to be tracked (including caffeine). At times when I am trying to figure out what is going on looking at what I’ve been putting in can given me a good idea of why X happened when i was expecting Y to take place.

Q3) Are you mentally and/or physically affected by fads such as recent sensationalized television highlighting extreme weight loss? How does it impact your peace-of-mind?
I don’t really pay attention to such things from the media, I’ve spent to many years dealing with the media in general though the family business and school that its just doesn’t catch my attention on any deeper level that it might other wise connect had I not had the life experiences growing up outside of the media field.

Q4) What are your tricks and tips for navigating a hectic day when you want to do it all? Lists, special snacks, communication with friends, etc?
I have things in a day that I wish to do, thinks that I need to do and things that I wont to do, as long as the need to get dun the wont and wish get dun as time allows for them, took me ages to get that into my mind but after a few bumps along the road its become my mantra or close enough to it at any rate.



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