Amber is not actually a crystal, but is fossilized tree resin which is many millions of years old. It is believed to be the first substance ever used by humans for decorative purposes, and archaeologists have found it in the form of talismans and amulets.

Its origins suggest some of its spiritual properties. A tree is a being whose roots sink deep into the earth and whose top rises into the sky. Thus, it serves as a bridge which connects the energies of heaven and earth, of the spiritual and the physical. Sap is the lifeblood of a tree, which carries and transmits its energy.

Thus, amber is considered to be a material which can be used to ground spiritual energies into the physical body and fill it with light. It can also work in the opposite way. If you’re not feeling enough earth energy, i.e., too much in your head, amber can help you feel more connected to the physical plane.

For this reason it has been found to be helpful in relieving depression. Depression can feel like being earthbound or like not being connected to the benefits and blessings of physical existence. Many people have used amber for either purpose.

Amber can also be helpful in dissolving energy blockages. Although for purposes of chakra balancing, it is placed on the navel area it can be placed at any point where you feel that you need to be revitalized.



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