In The US For 12 More Days

Well it has been a long time since i was in any part of the US (last time was my trip to alaska – this time around its with my mate to visit his family in colarado springs.

one thing is for sure i am seeing more weighted people around there then I see back home – its a little shocking to see actually. That and how blasted costly food is here to eat in general, not to mention how yucky looking some of the foods are that are cooked in the resturants we\ve been to (been sticking to mostly veggie stuff since most of the stuff i see makes my tummy turn – fat or greese haven it looks like to me, even McDs didn’t look good, actualy looked worse then the ones i go to at home)

I know i’ve only been here since the 21st, but still feels a lot longer in what we have dun since we landed – i can see why he wonts to live with me and not down here (at least from what little i’ve seen thus far), if this stuff i am seeing around here for food etc normal talk about ouchies big time – aka healthy eating is so not encouraged it does appear.



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