Suit Arrived

Well the suit arrived, and though it doesn’t fit like the glove that they said it would it is close enough that I’m not going to complain on the matter – its also a tab more shiny then I was looking for when it comes to skin, then again when you look a a chinese crested skin it does have a little shine to it so it works in general.

So at least I now have the body part of CC all ready to go and wear, I just have to get her head finished up and all will be good to go, which makes me most excited. Though I know I really need to get CCs head re-dun because the one I have for her right now is really hard to see out of (can only see out of part of one eye and the heads really front heavy which puts a strain on my neck) and blasted tight to my head that I’m in contact with the foam enough that long contact means I start having an allergic reaction – grrrr.

But like I said I am pleased that the suit itself finally arrived in time for FE so I don’t have to worry what I am going to wear at the con nor about changing in and out of the suit (just have to worry about having N around to zip me back into it every so often).

Wearing the suit right now and its a little hard to sit in it when its completly zipped up, which is annoying and gives me another good reason as to why I didn’t go with the hood attachment or complete because if I had dun so I’d have really had issues with being in it for any amount of time, but as it is I can type in a comp in it and in general be comfortable if not a little tight around the neck (i should have given a few extra to the neck measurements then I gave – ::facepaws::) but with it being lycra and spandex it will flex and give after a while of being worn so shouldn’t be to uncomfortable around the neck area for long (at least I hope not). Chuckles one thing I can see right now is that using the track pad for my laptop takes effort in the suit but on well.

I am still pleased with it regardless, if I do order another suit I at least know what I’m looking at next time around for measurements and what not.



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