iPod Classic

Well after oh so many years, I have finally gotten my very first iPod, yes you heard right me a die hard Apple fan has finally gotten her first iPod. Ya took me long enough ta get it, and its a Black iPod Classic 80GB, wanted the 160GB but sold out and no date for new shipments on file.

Folks wondered why I didn’t wont the new Nano, and I’m like hello to blasted small not to mention not enough HD space to put anything on, K there is but for what I have the 80GB is not close enough to big enough to put all my files from iTunes on it (PodCasts, Vids and Music), which I guess is saying something about my collection (anyone for almost 200GB worth of mp3 files? ouch).

I actually wonder when an iPod that has a tarra drive will be made, K 500GB would be a nice start, but a Tara dive iPod would be a nice deal I do think (well they have them out as standard HDs so I assume that they will be able do minturize them soon enough for an iPod).

Well take care everyone,



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