iPod Classic

Well after oh so many years, I have finally gotten my very first iPod, yes you heard right me a die hard Apple fan has finally gotten her first iPod. Ya took me long enough ta get it, and its a Black iPod Classic 80GB, wanted the 160GB but sold … Continue reading

Backing Up PostCasts

Well its been a while since I went though all the PodCasts that I tend to listen to, and yes I don’t delete them either, which can be a problem, since they take up HD space (lets put it this way, I’ve burned 3 DVDs so far and just about … Continue reading

its coming together

Well finally got Photoshop, Illustrator, GoLive, Dreamweaver, Flash, InDesign and Acrobat loaded and as predicted my HD space is down to under 170GBs – grumbles. I’ve still not finished transferring stuff from the G3, but for the most part what’s been transfered is what’s 100% necessary the rest can happen … Continue reading

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