G5 I have to be dreaming

Talk about waking up to a dream that you thought was way in the future – but turned out to be reality.

Well I went to bed having my G3 acting like a over sized paper weight, and woke to a Dual-Core 2.3Ghz G5 in the orgainl box sitting infront of my bedroom door. Talk about stumbling over something in one’s half asleep brain and body.

I didn’t think that I would be waking to a new G5 in this house so soon – talk about being struck out of the blue with something completly unextected. Yet for all that, its taken me till 11:00pm in the evening to get around to hocking the thing up – nothing was stopping me from doing it sooner, I just didn’t feel like getting it set up earler.

Its hard to explain, but I am not as excited about getting the G5 as I though I would be, then again I think I would be more excited about getting it if it was more of an upgrade then a necessity thing type deal. I think that is what is stuck in my mind that I ended up getting it because of what happened to my G3, and for that it just doesn’t feel right or something.

Oh well regardless its in the house, its in the process of upgrading itself for what ever softwear it now needs to upgrade (which looks like its going to take about 30min to a good hour to do – its got like 10 things to update apparently, or at this point in time, no idea if it will tell me it needs to update again once its been restarted.

Also for the first time in something like 15 years I will be using a mouse on my computer, talk about ack a mouse. Granted I will be using my Wacom tablet as soon as I can get the drivers installed – but still the new mouse that is shipped with the thing is like ack – its a double click mouse with a built in scroll wheel deal, they call it a “mighty mouse” which is apparently fully programable and the like – something that’s going to take a little getting use to for me at least it will (even if I don’t use it much).

It is a 250GB HD (though it really isn’t that high when the OS is loaded and what not it comes in at just over 220GB being open once the OS is fully loaded it does appear) and dad loaded it up with another 2GB of RAM thus it now has 2.5GB of DDR2 SDRAM on it now.

I tried up-linking my B&W G3 but its not working for some reason, so am going to try the Ethernet way and see if that works, if it does then great, if not take it into the apple dealer and let them transfer the files over – which is alright, but sighs will take a little longer then i was hoping it would.

Oh well, one thing about this new comp that I already like and that is the ability to play vids without jumping around and what not, so playing DVDs should be an interesting event as well (going to have to try that out as soon as I can get a DVD down here to try).

Well take care everyone



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