Troubles in Computer land…

Signs and growls at my main computer system that now wants to be a big heavy paper weight, and is doing a rather good imitation of it at that.

Looks like till further notice I’m not going to have much in the way of net usage, since my dad’s comp can’t access over half of the site I use, which really sucks but is part of progress I guess – sighs even my own major sites I can’t access because of the old antiquated browser my dad has on his comp.

Which also means getting email is going to be a real b and a half for how ever long it takes me to get my comp up and running or a new comp (ya right, new comp I can wish and dream on that one), sighs. I new my comp was pushing it at operating for the past 5+ years non stop, but now is not when I need it to fold as it appears to have dun.

At the moment I’ve got it booted though OS 8.5 because that is the only OS its been able to find apparently, it can’t find X and it can’t find 9.2 for that matter, so its defulted to the orginal OS that the thing shipped with and which I never took off (was always planning on doing that, to free up HD space, but never got around to it – maybe it was a good reason I never got around to it, if it’s the only OS that the comp can find to use), at any rate because of the old OS its now running it now means the version of Norton I have will run on the system – so it is, defragging the system and seeing what else it can fix, since loading the X disk isn’t an option (tried it and it tried to over right everything, instead of putting a newers system on the HD and putting the old in a folder, it treid to erase the entire HD – growls).

Sighs this is SO NOT something that I need this weekend, I was supose to be enjoying the weekend out with friends and in general having a good time, but no I get a freaking cold or rather the one I had has decided to return with vengance which ment no going out tonight, and on top of that when my comp crashed in the middle of chatting with a friend. Sighs spending the weekend trying to get my main comp back up and running is not something I was looking to do this weekend at all. Then again i was planning on backing up stuff on the HD – sighs looks like some of that data if not all of it is now no more (will know more later this weekend I am sure, depending on what norton shows in the next several hours).

Just as I was getting good at playing NeoPets, and getting upwards of 10,000 in a day’s playing this happens – can’t even access the neopets site with my dads comp because the site keeps saying I need the latest flash player which is not possible with my dad’s comp – as in it has the lastest it can run at its current OS which isn’t that high – unfortunatly.

Old comps might be old reliable, but when it comes to comes to somethings it just doesn’t cut it as one would like it to. Then again at least I can access the net to a limited degree – as in I can access LJ it does appear (which is good), no idea about myspace yet haven’t tried to access it. Can’t access my email as yet, sympatico is being a real bug about that and setting my dad’s comp up to access my email ummm not a good idea, nor does he have the HD space to accomidate another email account let alone the amount of email I get on a daily basis from all my different accounts (which as some here know can be upwards of 5,000+ in a single day – yes I have most of my stuff going to my gmail account now adays, but I can’t access gmail with my dad’s comp because the browser is not recognized as valid – can’t even download firefox because it will not run on my dad’s OS).

It feels rather starange working on this older OS that I’ve not worked on in ages – all the key commands that I’ve become use to on OS X are different and I’m having to remember where everything is on the HD and what not – talk about a reverse learning curve. Even my own comp running its orginal OS was strange to see – its been ages since I saw the Toronto Skyline that use to be shipped as part of the backgrounds for the OS, talk about a blast from the past with that one.

Another strange thing for me is using a single button mouse again, that is something I’ve really not used in about 15 years – I really need to find the drivers for my old Wacom Tablet and load them on my dad’s comp – I know that tablit will work on the comp because it use to run on my dad’s comp before I got my current comp. One thing around my dad’s comp I can use the scanner and the zip drive again – two things I’ve not been able to use via my comp for various reasons (hardware conflicts big time). Though no idea what good it will do me, since he doesn’t have photoshop on this thing and can’t load it because the version I have will not run on his OS – sighs/growls.

Oh well I’ll post more as time does pass, take care



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