Helping Strangers never goes out of style…

Well it was Monday just pasted, and dad and I was at the local Tim Hortons having a drink (dad steeped tea, me their new candy cane flavored hot chocolate).

While we where standing in line to get our order, I noticed an older lady trying to open her cup of coffee. K not anything strange about that, but what caught my attention was the fact that her hands where shaking so bad that she was unable to get the lid open and was getting big time frustrated to say the least.

After watching her struggle for a few moments, I just had to go over and ask if she needed help. I just couldn’t stay where I was and not offer to help her, I just couldn’t not when I could help her with such a small task (especially when everyone in the place seemed to be ignoring her like crazy .. aka turning a blind eye to her).

Well I was 100% ready for her to turn down my offer of help (since I know full well how prideful many older people can be about their independence), and I was pleased that she was open to my helping her. The look on her face almost broke my heart, she had unshed tears in her eyes. I even offered to open the straw for her since she was also having trouble getting the wrapping off of it, to which she said thanks.

I don’t know how people could just stand there and not see that she was having problems, even the blasted staff who where hanging around didn’t offer to help! And add to all the the looks from the people and staff after I finished helping her, several where shaking their heads, others looked away fast when I turned around.

Dad said that he was pleased that I had helped her, and agreed that it was sad that no one else had offered to help her out. He also admitted to not even knowing she was there, and only noticed when he looked around for me and didn’t see me behind him in line, and when he looked he saw where I’d gone.

As I’ve sad I don’t know how anyone wouldn’t be willing to offer help, when they could offer it. It wasn’t like I was offering to help with anything other then making it possible for her to drink what she’s ordered or the like, sighs it seems like common sense and curtsy has flown out the windows in this day and age, never mind the christmas spirit or the spirit of giving and helping it seem to me what can I do for myself to get more for myself, never mind anyone else out there, its me me me and more me.

Oh well I now how I was raised, and I know that I helped her and that is enough for me when all is said and dun. I brought a smile to someone’s face that day and that is what matters.

Take care everyone



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