Catching Up

I’ve been continuing my job hunting, without any nibbles never mind bites – most frustrating to say the least.

I’ve almost given up using the site known as SparkPeople as its gone totally down hill for usage, as in its no longer user friendly as it once was, am lucky if I can even get the site to load never mind nav since they upgraded it (or is that down graded it – k feels that way to me at least).

Dad says he wants to put the tree up today, but I’ll believe it when he gets it down from the attic and says “let put the tree up” then I will believe that a yule tree will be for this year. Till then am so NOT holding my breath.

Got my last Depo Provera shot for the year, and my GYN so nun to pleased to hear that the last shot I was given 6 weeks ago didn’t take for once. Ya I bleed non stop for the entire 6 weeks, without a break this time though, talk about not being pleased, add to that the cramps from hell and migrains like no ones business. Am hoping that this one takes, cause not sure if I can make it though another 6 weeks of that again (K i could, but don’t want to do so if I can well help it).

What else to say for catching up….. hmmmmm

Can’t think of anything at the moment, so that means take care and I’ll post more as time does pass, take care.



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