Good Day All In All

Well back to work and glad to be getting things back to normal (or as normal as anything really is in this world we live in).

A coworker at work, managed to get PearPC loaded onto his Laptop, which means he is now running OS 10.3 on his Windows XP laptop which is really cool to watch. It runs just like a Mac, though a little slower, then again VirtualPC on a Mac doesn’t run as fast as the native OS does, so it’s to be expected that a Exultation program will do the same on what ever system its loaded on.

Though its not emulation really since it really is OS 10.3 that he is running (with a minor code crack to make the PC read the Mac OS X.3 CD). The main reason he loaded it onto his computer is because the company needs to do some testing on the Mac OS, and well getting a Mac might be practical in my opinion, since nothing works better then the actual deal (in my personal opinion), but well hay if the PearPC gives them the info that they need then all the power to them for it.

Well short post for this day, but I hope you are doing well, take care.



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