Pope John Paul – Is Dead

Well as may might already know the Pope John Paul II as of 14:37 EST (2:37pm) is dead, at least that is what the newest Article from the Toronto Star now says (i’ve not yet gone to the TV to see what they are saying, but well if its in the Star, its likely true, since well a friend of mine changed her Handle to “The pope is dead” so that to me is a good conformation of that fact.

Now I am not catholic or even christian as many who know Master and I, but well even we know that the pope was a person who many people looked up to for what ever various reason they had for doing so. And it should be interested in learn who the new Pope will be, once they settle on a new one. Then again it might be a good idea just to not ever have a pope, and just have a council of Cardinal run things (which would mean nothing ever get dun – much like a governmental body).

With his death it makes me wonder if they will now release the third letter that was given to him from that girl who saw the virgin marry (or who ever that was), who if I recall right told of how things would happen in the future. Then again, if he never told anyone where he put that paper (if it did exist at all), then well we might never know (which is more then likely seeing as the Roman Catholic church seems not that bad at keeping its secrets from the public to various degrees).

With his passing will it mean that Gay/Lesbian marriage will be sanctioned? will female priests be adopted? All unlikely, but hay its worth hoping for, at least in my personal opinion it is. Though its likely far to much to hope for in general considering the Roman Catholic Churches views on such deals. Then again who knows what the Vatican really has up its sleeves, since each Cardinal apparently has their own take on the matter.

I guess the main reason I’ve personally be following this is because its like the 9/11 deal, people will for a time be asking you what you where doing or where you where when he died, and well when he died I was cuddling with Master, totally unaware that he’d died, I only learned he died when I got to my comp and loaded the Toronto Star, to read and the top headline was “Pope Dead” so that kind of gave me the notion that he had died.

Also looking over a brief summary of Pope John Paul’s life its kind of interesting to read, but well like everything it doesn’t give all the info, just the basics of it (to various degrees), but its still kind of interesting since well the most I new about him was that he’s cased a hell of a lot of trouble for many Native’s over the years and the fact that he’s apparently never taken back the wrong that his church caused many people for their being different and of a different religion. Yes he did say sorry for some of it, but well from what I understand, there is a large part that was never apologized for. Then again who ever said he was perfect, he was only human and humans all make mistakes regardless of who they are.

Well that’s today’s posting for the time being, need to continue working on the site. As we have found a new system which we hope will allow new Members to be able to join our site without to much trouble.

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