Glass Tiger – a Good band

Well I must say that of late I have really been looking into the music groups that I like to listen to, and its kind of interesting that some of the groups I like are still around in some form or another, while other groups you just can’t find any information on them beyond a little mention of them here and there for certain songs that where popular.

One of the groups that I do like, but haven’t listen to in ages is Glass Tiger, the main reason why I even remember them now is that my folks for an Easter gift got me their latest DVD release (K it was on sale, but still they new I liked that band so apparently though I’d like to have the DVD, which is true, since I’d never before now ever watched a Music Video of theirs). I also wasn’t aware that they where a Canadian Band, which is even cooler, since I originally though them to be a British band. Its strange to learn that they are from Newmarket, Ontario and originally called their Band “Toyko” and not Glass Tiger. But hay every groups has a name that works for them, and “Toyko” just wasn’t it apparently *chuckles* then again it was kind of an interesting band name, to a degree.

Its has been interesting in reading the bio info on the various band members, one of the band members Alan Connelly, who was one of their guitar players.

There is was their Keyboard player, Sam Reid and he now has his own company called Willow Music, which makes the Sanctuary series (nature sounds with music type stuff), which is an interesting series of CDs which I actually do have, and didn’t even know he produced them.

Then there is the singer of Glass Tiger, Alan Frew who’s voice I found great to listen to for the songs he recorded, though I can’t say I like his current vocal now, but then time does change the vocal cords and how one can sing.

Then there is their official web sites creator and fellow band member Wayne Parker who played the Bass guitar. I must say for myself, of the group members he appears to have really gotten into a different field then the rest of the band, to a degree, he’s still being creative, but in a different form.

The bloke who was their occasional drummer was Chris McNeil, who has gone on to play for many different bands.

Well that’s enough chatter about a band that I’ve relearned about. I hope everyone is doing well, take care.



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