TMI Tuesday #211

1a. You just gave yourself a body-shaking orgasm. How long do you have to wait before you can give yourself another body-shaking orgasm?
I have no idea, I’ve never given myself a big O in my life, the ones I’ve managed to do have always been multiples and they are always hit and miss, as in I might have one in a month if I am lucky.

1b. You just gave yourself a body-shaking orgasm. What is the longest you can wait until you absolutely have to do it again?
Couple of years easly – as in its not something that I have to have its nice to have an O when possible but its not something that is needed. As to a Big O, well that would be nice to experiance period.

2a. If you are good in this life, what will you come back as in your next life … if you come back as an animate being?
Id like to think I’d come back human again, but if not not an issue Id like to be my wolf self.

2b. ….. if you come back as an inanimate being?
mmmmmmm well if I was to come back as something that was not living then I have no idea since all things have their own spirits only things that don’t are that which have never had a spirit to start with and in truth I can’t think of anything that is like that, not metal, plastic or the like.



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