Well its in their hands now

Well a couple days ago I sent in all the papers for his immigration. Now it is a waiting game, waiting to see if we get approval waiting to see what happens next.

I don’t like waiting I wont him here with me NOW! But that can’t be the case we have to follow the law, but it doesn’t make it any easer by any means. But regardless of the outcome we will be together as husband and wife in one country or the other.

Sighs, I new it could be a long process the immigration stuff but it already feels like its been forever. I know we should have sent the papers in sooner, but we where waiting for some images to get to us from his family that needed to be included as part of the process and it took them almost two months to get the images to us!

This only talking over Skype, Second Life and the phone is harder then it was when we where just dating. It doesn’t feel like it is enough, I know we have to make do with what we have but dang I never though it would feel this hard and its only been a week that I’ve been gone.

I now that my folks miss him as well, my mom I think more so then my dad (but who really knows other then them). Other then wonting him here for me as a husband my mom wont’s the son she never had here with her.

Add in to all this the lack of profitable work for either of us and its annoying to say the least. He’s not yet found employment and its been over 5 months now of searching, and well I’ve got my freelance stuff but its not profitable enough at the moment and getting regular work is still proving to be not so easy for me either (then again regular work has always been an issue for me, seem few people are into hiring people who might have more experience then they do or something to that effect).

Oh well positive thoughts positive thoughts, have to think and have positive thoughts all around.

Take care everyone,



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