A Tribute to Buddy The Seeing Eye Dog

Here is a post card that was posted about Buddy the first Seeing Eye Dog in North America and his hander Morris Frank, it is a really touching story and well work looking up and even renting the movie that was dun about their life and journey.

SD Trainer

Well we’ve come a long way since Payton came into our lives, but like a lot of things help is needed in some areas so we’ve elected to hire someone who has experience training Service Dog’s thus we had our first meeting with her today in our home (she makes … Continue reading


Well Payton has come a very long way since he first came into our lives and has been bonding with Norman rater well – though at times it still appears that he has a preference for me, for all I am trying to make sure he understand’s that Norman is … Continue reading

Slow and steady progress

Well we’ve been slowly making progress with Payton, he has gotten better and better walking at heel on leash for N. Still needs work of course but he is so much better then when he started out that I am pleased with his progress all things considered. There are areas … Continue reading

ICE Information Card

Well having seen a few postings on FB about ICE and what other people with Service Dogs carry (most have a phone app it would seem) I though it might be a decent idea of make up a card that Norman could carry that is business card size with the … Continue reading

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