Well she is recovering and so far so good, Storm went in for surgery to get Spayed on Thursday May 3rd 2018 … it has been a long time in coming as her last cycle she wasn’t able to get pregnant thus her breeder said it was time to get her spayed and I had until her next heat cycle to do so.

Finally found an affordable location that could do the job and turned out to actually be Animal Control that could do it for a budget friendly amount that wasn’t going to cost me close to 1k (which was what our vet was quoting as where several others, only one that wasn’t was the breeders vet, but even a min base of 500 was pushing it sad to say … but the cost for the Spay from the city was good and since it is the ONLY thing that they do every day, day in and day out they are very much use to things that regular vets who only do it a few times a month or something are not use to encountering so that actually helped my piece of mind).

One thing I can say is the incision is very small compared to what my first girls looked like (yes I know tech changes and so does how things are dun). Storms cut is small and looks like it might actually heal without showing anything that it was even dun, unlike bliss’s that was there and you could even feel it after running your fingers over the area of her belly.

Storm isn’t liking the vacation from work though that is annoying her, but I can tell that she needs the rest and though she wishes to go out and about with me, even the short walk she did Saturday was enough to draw the strength from her and show her that she needs recovery time (and remind me how I was post hysterectomy oh so many years ago).

So this means for the time being that what training I was doing with her is also suspended and I’m going to be taking it easy with her for the next two weeks before starting doing things again with her and with luck by the end of May she’ll be up and running fully again and ready to settle into things and getting ready for the CGN (Canine Good Neighbour) test that I wish to put her though before taking her “Training” tag off her collar.

Post more as time does allow for it!



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