Making progress

Well been working on a few things since we got back from being in the states, including his down stay, stay in general, picking up objects, and starting to work on a few other things that are not really fully necessary but in general helpful at times, such as push a disability button, pick up a specific object by name and find a person by name.

The picking up an object by name is harder to do than one might think since he doesn’t naturally retrieve. He likes getting an item, but he has little wish to get a specific object or give it to you he rather just go off and play with it on his own even if he gets a treat for giving it back immediately (high value or not) so its taking a bit more work to get him to do this then I first thought it would.

The find a person by name actually is better than it was a few months ago, though still not solid as it cold be – he can find Norman easy enough but tell him to find grandpa or me not so much. So yes still got work to do in this area.

His bracing is coming along better than it was, have learned a few new things to help him progress in this area that I am hoping will help him progress in this area better and be more stable then currently he is.

Well post more as time does allow for it, take care everyone!



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