I don’t know about anyone else, but from the first EP its got me hooked to watch further .. though I didn’t really like the intro ep, it was a little disjointed to follow and I watched it three times (have to love the ability to time channel surf different time zones … chuckles it does come in handy.

You can apparently watch the first ep on the home page at nbc.com though I wasn’t able to do so, i keep getting “We’re sorry, but the clip you selected isn’t available from your location. Please select another clip.” I think because I’m not in the US and that it only allows US viewers to watch it at the moment (though could be another reason am sure, but from what I read that its not adviable in my region, leads me to think it means not viewable to those outside the US).

I must admit that the show does catch my attention in what it potentially has going for it from what I have seen from the first ep and from the stuff that I can access from the site itself. The idea that many other people are going to wake up to find that they have “special” powers is in and of itself interesting to see and see what new powers will be coming online and what the ultimate deal will be leading to what they will be involved in because there has to be a reason for the powers coming online, or the story wouldn’t have much to hang on.

It also figures that you can read the blogs of the various charters, such as Hiro Nakamura the Asian bloke who can stop time (his blog is the only one online at the moment it does appear). Shakes head people have even posted to the blog that was made for the charter … loll its interesting reading to a a degree.

The site is still under development, from the looks of things since a lot of the links such as the Quiz, Downloads and the like are not yet up and running. Though the interactive comic book is online and viewable, which is interesting to view.

Oh well I guess you can say that at the moment I am looking forward to watching the show and seeing how it develops, and if it goes as other shows have, it will never see a second season. But like everything time will tell.



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