Horoscopes for January 15th to 21st 2007

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your attraction to foreign cultures and art forms and to people and experiences that are different from anything you’ve encountered in the past. The exotic and unknown have much more appeal to you than the familiar. This is an excellent time for a vacation, particularly if you can travel to someplace you’ve never been before. Also, sharing and comparing your spiritual, religious, or philosophical interests with a friend or loved one may open up a whole new dimension of your relationship.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your marriage or romantic relationships, you feel that you and your mate are really helping each other meet the goals that each of you has, and you understand each other. Relationships in the business area work out nicely too, and any dominance-passivity problems are assuaged at this time. Don’t just sit back and watch. Take advantage of the opportunity to straighten out any difficult personal relationships in your life. You will find that you can get others to understand and appreciate your point of view now. This can be beneficial for communicating technical, impersonal issues as well, but by far the greatest benefit is in communicating issues of personal concern and emotional impact.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by good relationships with employers, supervisors, government agencies, parents, and other authority figures assist you now. A person of authority or influence may help you in your work, you may receive recognition or a promotion, or you may sign a contract or agreement of major importance. In any case, this is a positive time when you are able to dedicate yourself to worthwhile causes and the work that is most meaningful to you. This astrological influence is not of dramatic proportions so do not expect a major change in your life, but you can expect your life to take a solid, even if modest, step in the right direction.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by a feeling you need to change the decor of your home, or you may attend a musical or artistic event that exposes you to new styles that are different from your customary tastes. Communications with family and friends can be strained at this time, as you try to clear up points of confusion. This is a good time to get a new perspective on your relationships and your life style, but do not force yourself to make important decisions now while you are not completely comfortable with any of the alternatives.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by sudden revelations, altered states of consciousness, awakenings, or bursts of spiritual enthusiasm and inspiration are indicated now. You may feel overly sensitized to your environment, unusually discontented with the mundane aspects of your life, or just plain confused at times. You feel as if you are in transition, yet the changes are elusive. Avoid mind-altering or mood-altering substances now; they can further imbalance you. Also, you tend towards extremes in spiritual matters at present. Cultivate a sense of balance and proportion.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by you being exposed to new ideas. You are likely to be introduced to a subject area that you have little previous experience with. The information greatly expands your breadth of knowledge and is very beneficial to you. New ideas are likely to come to you via a number of different methods – classes, books, and discussions. You should take advantage of these opportunities to expand your mental horizons. You have the option to refuse the opportunity, but you would be foolish to do so as you will learn a great deal and it will be very enjoyable as well.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by you working energetically with a clear objective in mind, advancing your own professional goals, and enlisting others’ support for your projects by acting as a leader are key issues now. Your superiors and others in authority respond favorably to your confidence and your willingness to take a risk or attack a problem in a new way. You are also fascinated by the mysterious now. Unsolved or puzzling problems and the hidden or behind the scenes aspects of a situation interest you most, and you delve and probe until you discover the truth.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by an incident involving miscommunications, missed messages, or missed meetings which causes a change of plans is likely. Co-workers, secretaries, receptionists, and other people you may normally take for granted, but who keep the flow of your life running smoothly, may be unaccountably inconsistent or simply keep you at bay. You may also get a bit of news that you will wish you hadn’t. Try to take these minor annoyances and irritations in stride.


This week’s scenario is highlighted by increased physical courage and a strong sense of adventure combine to make this a very interesting time. You need to do something innovative, daring, unusual, liberating, exciting, and challenging. You are inclined to act on some of the wilder impulses and desires you feel from time to time. You crave stimulation. If you have an inventive streak, you could make a startling discovery or breakthrough now.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by conflicts between duty and pleasure, or between sober practicality and a yearning for love and emotional satisfaction. This can be a very frustrating time, and you are likely to feel quite alone, emotionally aloof, or withdrawn. A relationship may end or a temporary break may be made. This is a time to relinquish something or someone you once cherished but which no longer has a positive purpose in your life.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by strange desires, impulses, and feelings which are difficult to describe or understand. Your usual daily pursuits seem drab, meaningless, or curiously unsatisfying, so that it may be difficult to motivate yourself and focus on your work.On the other hand, you can get very fired up about something out of the ordinary, an ideal or dream, or fantasy that you usually consider too impractical to actually do anything about. Your imagination is very active. Artistic, creative work which expresses a visionary,whimsical, or fantastic quality is very fulfilling to you at this time.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by a seesaw between caution and impatience, which generates a great deal of stress and inner anguish. You may blame your feelings of oppression and barely contained hostility on an unjust situation, a corrupt society, or your childhood conditioning (any or all of which may be valid) but it is your choices and your own internal struggles which are the real issue at present. If you are feeling drained and discouraged at the end of the day, see how you can readjust your attitude. Right now, trying to do battle with the outside world will be like banging your head against a brick wall!



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