Work and Life

There has been a lot happening around here when it comes to the change in season, my family and other areas that have made the past 6 months of life interesting and stressful to various degrees.

I am still dealing with 24/7 pain that never lets up it has become a perm part of my daily life. I have not yet been able to find anything that gives me more then very temp relief as in a few moments in time that the pain is lessoned to the point that it isn’t in the forefront of my brain and those times are few and very far between.

Storm is progressing in her training and she helps greatly with the pain management side of things, but unfortunately for me the heat aspect that she offers has become a hit and miss aspect of treatment, as in sometimes its helpful but most of the time it does nothing to help with the increased level of pain that I’m now dealing with.

Funds are tighter then I like to see them and I am sad that I’m not taking the care of myself as I once was do to the lower funds and the cost of the materials needed for my health care. It would be so nice to have some of these things actually taken care of but so far I’ve been told these items are under their views optional and not needed, yet I have 0 idea how I am to inject my insulin if I have to have needles to do so, thus to me that is not a optional item (I don’t understand some of our health care at times).

Norman still hasn’t been able to get his migraine medication, despite submitting a section 8 to get it covered there is still 0 word on it being approved let alone denied – and this is starting to get very frustrating to say the least.

I am still job hunting to various degrees, as in I’m still looking though InDeed and other sources to try and find something that I should be able to do within my skill set and that don’t interfere with my disablities and limitations that have started to become a daily part of my life. Sad to say not having much luck finding anything found a couple that seemed like they might work, but not heard anything back from anyone as yet.

Other wise things are going as they are here on the home front, issues with my dad that are stressing me out but can’t do much about it other then try and let it wash over me and just handle it as time passes and if necessary find another place to live if it comes down to it (which I do not won’t to have to do).

Write more as time does pass, take care!



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