What A Weekend!

Spent a fair amount of time within SecondLife working on the shop, got a few new sets of clothing created (just have to upload the boards now, and set them up in the shop). I have made a complete and functional Leather base set, plus my Tie-Dye Collection is coming along fiar well, as in various people seem to like them, though no sales as yet for that particular item (then again i’ve yet to put up the boards so well hay).

I am also getting a little ticked with the SIM owner, I paided for some more land near the shop and it still says its for sale, yet it says I have access to use the land, but when I try and put objects on the land they get returned to me. I’ve messaged the owner of the SIM but 5 days in and no replay from him what so ever! I know he could be on vacation or something, but still thats not an excuse when you can set things up so that they are automated, or shut down while away. Sighs, 5 days that I could have had a place on the land and a “For Rent” box up (and maybe even have rented it out already – seeing that places near water seem to rent fair fast and well).

Well traffic to the shop has been fair steady, with the new serch feature that was added to the program, people seem to be finding their way to the shop, though no sales as yet … growls … and the traffic that I have seen is mostly male, haven’t seen any females as yet, which is not to say that there hadn’t been any, just while I have been active in the shop I’ve not seen any.

Speaking of the shop, I am close to 300 prims used out of the 800+ that are advaible to me to use. Which isn’t to much of a problem as yet, since no one has rented any of the lofts or flats never mind any of the commercial stalls. Sighs, not pleased that no ones come to rent as yet, though I will admit that I’ve not put things on the market … really should do so (but at 30 lindon a week to do so, am relutant to do so till I have more things in the shop – as its looking fiar scare at the moment in my personal opinion)

In the past 22 days I’ve managed to make 19,571 Lindon, just from Tips and my base pay for being a Dancer at Bad Girls Dance and Fetish Club, which is about 78 american dollars before SL takes it 3.5% cut.

In total counting the income before chipping into buy the first bit of land (which the shop now sits on), I’ve managed to earn 27,430 Lindons (which is about 110 american dollars before SL takes their 3.5% cut) 99% from working two different jobs and about 1% of it from camping, this figure inclueds paying out for each clothing item uploaded and the bilbaords for that clothing, not to mention paying out the lindons for that land that I still don’t have assess to. If you take total of all Lindons that I have earned since starting SL, I have earned a total of 43,598 Lindons, which is something like 174 americna dollars before SL takes there share. Now all this US dollars stuff is only what I’d have gotten if I had a prem account, which cost 72 US a year (which I don’t yet have, but if things keep going well, I will have by the start of the new year).



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