Children are growing … and its not good

Well i was at the ex for Labor Day, and it was good to see the Air Show, that I try to go to with my Dad and Uncle each year (we’ve been doing for about 16 years now).

Anyhow, I found it interesting to people watch, and what I saw actually did shock me to a degree. I know that I have been reading new reports about American Children getting larger in weight, but till Labor Day I’d not really seen it here in Canada, at least in Toronto itself.

Now, I must have counted about 100+ children at the Air Show, and of those children I’d say about 75% of them where getting towards being obese, and it didn’t seem to bother the parent(s) that I saw, they just kept giving the children more pop and candy to make them happy and be quite so they could watch the Air Show (most of the kids didn’t seem that interested in watching the show).

One child stuck me, mostly cause I was in line to have my age guessed by the person at the “Guess your Age or Weight” booth. The man was rather cocky, and I didn’t like him, but he was far good at guessing ages (he was way off with me, by about 10 years – can one say that made me feel really old). One of the girls in the line us was a young girl age 6, she was there to have her weight guessed, looked at her I put her at about 95lbs (that was before I learned her age), he guessed her at about 80lbs, when it came time to weight the child, she weighed in at 120lbs (my jaw wanted to drop, but I managed not to), the gasp from the crowed was loud, and the looks the crowed gave the child’s mother well if looks could kill she would have been dead.

I actually felt sorry for that child, at 6 y/o she was 120lbs, and but the looks of things she was on her way to being diabetic, and other problems associated with weight gain. The child looked happy, and what not, but as she grows will she louse that weight or only put more on? I don’t know I hope it comes off, cause I know full well that school mates are not great when you are heavy.

That one child I what actually made me think of what I was given to eat and drink when I was younger, so I did end up asking my folks what I ate and was given to drink when I was between 3 and 7, and the answer was what I thought, I was given milk (1% and skim), juice (orange, apple, pineapple), fruits, vegetables (to snack on), the occasional cookie, and one candy bar (that had to last one week if it went before the week was over to bad, that was what I got and I had to make it last). I wasn’t given pop till I was 5 years old, and even then it was about 4-oz that I was allowed to drink, max a day.

Well time to sign off, have to get some shopping dun (have to get some stuff for the trip to Alaska).



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