FitBlog QnA (Workout Wonders)

FitBlog ChatsQ1) Are you a team sport or individual sport person?
I am not much for team sports, I prefer competing against myself for the most part

Q2) What’s the best way you’ve made a workout buddy?
I’ve never really ever had a work out buddy, closest I had was a guy I was with for a short time who would come over form time to time to go walking with me or to the gym to work out, but Norman is the closest person in my life that works out with me daily and its only because we’re hubby and wife and thus its one of the ways that we bond as a couple.

Q3) What “trendy” workout have you tried? How was it?
Guess it would be the P90X, its good as far as it goes but I can’t to a lot of the workouts for physical reasons, and the next one after that would be the Wii Fit Plus something which both Norman and I are enjoying a great deal.

Q4) Are you an am or pm workout person? Why or why not?
By preference I like to work out in the afternoon or evening, its when I have the most energy to burn, I’m just NOT a morning person never have been.



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